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February 16, 2017

Best drugstore foundations for dry skin. | Mejores bases para piel seca.

Does fine lines, dryness, and skin texture sound familiar? Are you having trouble finding a good foundation? Do you have dry skin and want a luminous and dewy look? On today’s post, I share my top foundations for dry skin from the drugstore.


This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase from them, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you. If you decide to purchase from them, thank you for supporting me and my blog. This post is not sponsored by Target. All these products I have tried and recommend 100%. 

If you don’t know yet, I have very dry skin and for the longest time, I had trouble with my foundation. It used to look cakey, dry and with a lot of texture. After trying almost everything at the drugstore I finally can say I have my favorites, the ones that work out the best and the ones that give me that soft, smooth, dewy and even look. Without further ado, here are the best foundations for dry skin, from the drugstore.

Maybelline Dewy Smooth for dry skin.

Medium to full coverage, easy to build up and leaves your skin looking dewy and radiant. This foundation is a little bit thicker than the L’oreal True Match but does not feel that way at all. I like how it has the perfect amount of coverage for an everyday use without making you look cakey or emphasize your lines. It is very comfortable to wear and lasts all day.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation. 

Medium coverage, natural looking, lightweight, dewy smooth look. If you’re into those things, this foundation is going to be your new favorite. It feels amazing on the skin and looks incredible. Makes your skin look smooth and dewy throughout the day. It does not set into my fine lines that much and won’t emphasize dry patches.

 NYX Total Cover Drop Foundation

This foundation is a game changer and I like to call it the multiuse foundation. It has light coverage but you can build it up to full coverage without looking like you have 10 layers of foundation on your skin, making you look oily emphasizing you fine lines. It isn’t matte or dewy and to me that is amazing. It has the perfect finish that’ll keep your skin from looking dry or oily. What I love about this foundation is how versatile it is and how you can play with it and wear a more natural look or a full coverage look. It is water based, what makes it very watery, comfortable and you barely can feel it. I just love how soft and smooth it makes your skin look.


We are not done yet…

Do you like a matte look but have dry skin? Are you thinking you can’t wear matte foundations because they’ll emphasize your fine lines and dry patches? Well let me tell you, I have a solution for you.

I was feeling the same way and to be honest, I actually love the matte look even though I have dry skin. It just makes you look even, fresh and on point. I struggled for the longest time and after I learned how to take care of my skin, I finally started wearing matte foundations.

Now, the key to avoid getting your skin drier is to hydrate before the makeup application and have a good, consistent and hydrating skincare routine.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless

This foundation is lightweight, medium to full coverage, and fills in your pores. It matte, but not flat. It won’t make you look dry or emphasize your skin’s texture. I really like how it is a subtle matte but still holds in throughout the day. If you don’t want it to be extra matte or are afraid that it’ll dry your skin, mix it with the dewy smooth or any other luminous foundation to add a little glow.


Wet and Wild Photo Focus

Another matte foundation that will not dry your skin or emphasize your skin’s texture with the proper face preparation. This one is more matte than the Matte and Poreless, however, it does not feel heavy or drying. It is medium to full coverage and you can mix it with any other luminous foundation as well.

Alright loves, this concludes my list of favorite drugstore foundations for dry skin. I absolutely love every single one of them and currently have them in rotation. I tend t chose between them depending on my mood and the look I want to go for. Also, don’t abuse on the matte foundation because it will make your skin dry. Use them every now and then and always make sure to hydrate before applying it. I love to mix them and to be honest, I never wear a matte foundation on its own to prevent any form of dryness.

I hope this post helped you gain knowledge of some of the best foundations for dry skin and hopefully, you can find the one that suits you the best.I’ll see you on the next one.


¿Tienes la piel seca y se marcan tus líneas de expresión? ¿Tu base se cuartea durante el día? ¿No sabes qué base utilizar? ¿Todo esto te suena familiar? En el post de hoy les comparto mis bases favoritas para piel seca de la farmacia.

Maybelline Dewy Smooth

Esta base a sido mi favorita por los últimos 5 años y ninguna ha podido ocupar su lugar. Y es que, es de mediana cobertura, liviana y dura todo el día. Hace que mi piel se vea luminosa sin hacer que se vea grasa, es fácil de difuminar y bien cómoda de llevar.

L’Oreal True Match

Es de cobertura mediana pero la puedes llevar a máxima cobertura. Dura todo el día. Les digo que me maquillo en la mañana y a las 9 de la noche mi piel se ve como si me hubiese acabado de maquillar. Luce preciosa y no se centra en mis líneas de expresión como otras bases. Su consistencia es más liviana que la Fit Me Dewy Smooth. Si tu piel es bien seca, como la mía, te recomiendo esta base.

NYX Total Cover Drop Foundation

Esta base es bien líquida, a base de agua, su cobertura es liviana pero la puedes llevar a máxima cobertura sin que tu rostro se vea “cakey” o se cuartee. Apenas la sientes en el rostro. Su acabado es tipo “airbrush”, no es una base luminosa perse pero tampoco te hace ver el rostro seco. Me gusta mucho lo liviana que se siente y la manera en que puedes jugar con su cobertura.


Aún no terminamos…

¿Te gustaría llevar un look mate pero tu piel es muy seca? ¿Las bases mate pronuncian tus líneas de expresión y acentúan tus poros? A continuación, les hablo sobre las bases mate, para piel grasa, que funcionan para piel seca y por qué.

Fit Me Matte and Poreless

Esta base tiene un acabado “soft matte” lo que hace que tu rostro se vea mate, pero no reseco o enfatice las líneas de expresión. Cubre tus poros, dura todo el día y su consistencia es liviana. Es de mediana cobertura, pero la puedes incrementar con más producto. Me encanta porque la puedo utilizar solita, con un buen hidratante y mi rostro se ve bello.

Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus

Esta base es más mate que la anterior y se siente más liviana. Aun así, no hace que tu rostro se vea reseco. Pronuncia las líneas de expresión, pero tampoco es algo que no se pueda arreglar. Dura todo el día y hace que tu rostro se vea parejo, limpio y “on point”.

Esto concluye este post. Todas estas bases son de mis favoritas y las que uso a diario. La mayoría de las veces las mezclo depende del acabado que quiero. Lo más que hago es mezclar bases luminosas con bases mate para crear un balance e igual tener ese acabado mate pero no tan mate o seco.




Espero que este post haya sido informativo y que hayan aprendido de él. Espero también que esto les ayude a escoger su nueva base y que les funcione igual de bien o mejor que a mí. Los veo en la próxima. – besos.



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