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February 21, 2017

Foundation 101: How to buy a foundation.

Having trouble picking the correct foundation? Can’t match your shade? You have oily skin and don’t know which foundation is good for you? On today’s post, I’ll share everything you need to know for picking the correct foundation. From knowing your shade to knowing which one is best for your type of skin.

We’ve all been in that position where our face looks orange or pink and our neck looks white. We’ve all been in that awkward situation where we stand in front of the display looking at all the different foundations, testing each and one of them trying to figure out which one matches your skin tone. Not to mention that we tried the foundation in the back of our hand as if our face looks exactly the same.  I have been in every situation and to be honest, it wasn’t until not so long ago that I found which was my exact shade and undertones.

For some reason, I love talking about foundations and I think it’s because it’s the base of your makeup and without a good foundation your makeup won’t last and won’t look as good.

Today I decided to write about everything you have to know or should know by the moment you decide to buy a foundation. Like I said, It is the most important thing when wearing makeup. I gathered all my tips and steps I go through the moment I am picking my foundation. I hope after this you become a pro and pick out the correct foundation shade or shades according to your skin.

#1 Your Face should match your neck.

When picking your shade, you want to guide yourself by your neck color. This is because you don’t want that harsh line in your jaw that divides the shade between your face and the neck. People often try the foundation on their hands and the thing is, your face or neck is never the same color as the back of your hand. So please, after reading this post, don’t ever do that again unless you are just putting the foundation in your hand to take a look and then try it on your neck or jawline.

#2 Know your type of skin.

In order to find the perfect match, you have to know what type of skin are you. I’ll help you out.

Dry Skin: There’s not much explanation for this other than your skin is very dry, you have dry patches and very fine lines.

Oily Skin: Same over here, your skin gets oily almost immediately after makeup application or throughout the day.

Combination skin: You are both dry and oily. Mostly dry in the outer perimeter of the face and Oily on your T zone, forehead, nose, and chin.

It is very important that you know your type of skin so that you can find one that suits its necessities. Now that you know which type of skin are you, you can pick a matte foundation if you have oily skin, a dewy or luminous foundation if you have combined skin, you can mix the two.

#3 Your skin changes throughout the year.

I feel no one talks about this and to be very honest, I realized this a year ago. Your skin changes throughout the year, especially if you get self-tanned. In my case, I have never gotten self-tanned, so that’s why it never crossed my mind that the color or texture of my skin would change.

Your face will never be the same throughout the year. It’ll get lighter or darker, depends if you self-tan, go to the beach, the weather or if you just don’t get any sun like me. Pick your shade and a shade darker for when you’re tan. In my case, I pick my shade and one lighter, because for some reason my face keeps losing its color if that makes sense. Remember you can always mix them to get your desired shade.

Also, remember that your skin’s texture changes too. You might need a dewy foundation during winter and a matte foundation during summer. This applies to primers and powders too.

I hope this post helps you choose your new foundation. If you still have any questions leave them down below or contact me via social media or e-mail. Let me know what foundation you are currently using and if you change it throughout the year.

-Kisses from the Princess.





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