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August 10, 2017

50 things you might not know about me.

Every time I tell someone I don’t like chocolate or coffee their immediate reaction is to cringe and ask me where am I from. I mean, I get it but I also cringe at the smell of it or even worse, when you make those combinations of coffee and chocolate I get goosebumps and everything. You’ll flip out when you keep reading and find out what else I don’t like. Lol!

There’s something about “About Me Posts” that I love. I love getting to know the writer, what he/she likes besides writing. I also think it’s a great way of communicating, engaging and knowing each other. Today I decided to gather 50 things about me to help you get to know me better, understand my purpose and my vision of life, how I started in makeup and where my blog heads from now on. I hope you enjoy finding out some weird, but cool things about me.


About Me

  1.  I am 23 years old.
  2.  I was born and raised in Puerto Rico.
  3.  I’m currently living in San Diego, Ca.
  4. I have a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice.  I love to read.
  5. My favorite color is blue.
  6.  My favorite food is pizza and sushi.
  7. I have two dogs. Sofia (Chihuahua) and Gonzalo (Schnauzer).
  8.  I don’t like cheese on the burger or excessive amounts of cheese.
  9.   I don’t like chocolate or coffee. (I know, I’m sorry. Lol)
  10.  I also love makeup, as you can tell.
  11.  I have a sneakers obsession.
  12.  I think I have to say I also love bags and purses too.
  13.  Most of the time I wear black.
  14.   I have so much hair I could make 3 wigs and still have left. Lol (head hair)
  15.  I learned French and I forgot. Lol
  16.  I am currently a Bartender.
  17.  I am obsessed with Teen Mom and HGTV.
  18.  I am also obsessed with planning, planners and scrapbooking.
  19.   My favorite stores are Sephora, Marshalls, Home Goods, Michaels and Hobby Lobby.
  20.  I love the beach and cold weather. I know you can’t go to the beach with cold weather, but that’s just how I am, hahhaha.
  1. About My Blog

  1.  I started my blog a year ago. It was called Dear Makeup and after 8 months I rebranded.
  2.  I changed to Princess Miiaa after having that name on my Instagram account for a while
  3.   I started on WordPress, but changed to Squarespace.
  4.  I love blogging, but what throws me off is proofreading and writing everything twice, in Spanish. I still do it, because it’s my first language.
  5.   I love taking pictures.
  6. Editing kind of throws me off too, but it’s worth it when I see the final result.
  7. I would like to monetize, who doesn’t, but the struggle is real.
  8.  I procrastinate way too much, although I’m working on this.
  9.  For now, I blog, because I like it and I want to. I love having a place where I can share everything I know.

About Makeup

  1.  I started doing makeup at age 13.
  2. I took 2 makeup courses.
  3. My favorite makeup brands are Morphe, Maybelline, L’Oreal and Anastasia Beverly Hills.
  4. My favorite lipstick color is a nude pink or burgundy.
  5. I don’t like lip glosses.
  6.  I have very dry skin.
  7.   I would like to learn special effects makeup.
  8.  My go to makeup is a no makeup, makeup look.
  9.  I can’t do a wing liner, so I always use Tape, try it.
  10.  My favorite part from makeup is drawing my eyebrows.


                                                                                                         Social Media

  1.   My favorite social media is Twitter, because you can connect with bloggers directly and it’s also a great way of sharing your content.
  2.  I am trying to grow my Instagram, although we all know it’s a slow process.
  3.   My biggest pet peeve is people who follow you waiting for you to follow back and then unfollow you if not. I won’t follow an account that I don’t like, don’t even bother.
  4.   I can’t find my way on Pinterest although I still use it.
  5.   I also use Facebook groups to promote my blog, although sometimes it’s overwhelming.


  1. Grow my social media and blog.
  2.  Start a YouTube channel.
  3.  Go to Paull Mitchell school.
  4.   Stop spending so much money on planners, scrapbook stuff and everything YouTube tells you to by, Lol.


Tell me a little bit about yourself. I love getting to know my readers and new bloggers. Drop your links to any about me pages and social media so we can be friends and chat. Follow me on twitter if you haven’t so we can connect, be on group chats together and support each other. Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll see you around.





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  • These are my favourite types of posts too, it’s fun to get to know other bloggers!!

    I’m completely opposite – I’m a complete chocoholic! And although I’m not addicted to coffee (like some people need to have it every day) I really enjoy a cup of coffee!!

    • Princesss Miiaa

      The only chocolate I can have is sneakers and I’ve tried coffee before but can go through a whole cup. Lol.

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