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September 18, 2017

The Ultimate Drugstore Makeup Shopping List.

 Are you a makeup lover but can’t afford high-end makeup? you want to start your makeup collection but are on a budget. On this post, I share my favorite makeup products from the drugstore. I created a free printable drugstore makeup shopping list to help you start your makeup collection on a budget.

I am very excited to finally announce the Ultimate Drugstore Makeup Shopping List for Starters or for anyone who wants to save some bucks. Want to start a makeup collection but don’t know where to start? Want to buy makeup but are on a budget? Or, want to get a flawless, long-lasting look with affordable products? You’re in the right place. I got you covered, keep reading.

Before jumping into details, I must say this post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned below, however, there are affiliate links included. I’ll do earn money if you click on them and decide to buy. If you do, thank you for supporting me and my blog, it means a lot. All opinions are my own based on my experience and product’s efficiency.

What is it?

It’s a drugstore makeup shopping list that serves as a guide to help you shop the correct products depending on your skin’s necessities.

What’s in it?

It’s a drugstore makeup shopping list that contains all the products that’ll help you create a natural, flawless, smooth and long-lasting makeup look. It contains all the products for you to create an everyday makeup look, fast and easy.

Who is it for?

It’s for anyone who wants to start a makeup collection on a budget or anyone who wants to get a smooth, long-lasting look with affordable products. It’s for any type of skin, dry, oily and even sensitive. All these products I have tried, used and recommend 100%.

Below I’ll List every product and write a short review to help you know more in depth about it. Subscribe to our newsletter to get free access to the whole checklist.


Elf Daily Hydration Moisturizer (click to shop)

Elf has been raved about a lot on social media, especially on YouTube. And for some reason, I have never tried their makeup. I was looking around the makeup aisle and came across this moisturizer. After noticing it was only $8 and taking into consideration all the good reviews on Social Media I decided to give it a try. Adding to it that I was looking for a hydrating cream to use before applying makeup. Neutrogena’s Hydro-boost is $20, and Garnier’s is $10. This was a perfect option and I was pretty sure I wasn’t losing anything.

It’s a Hydrating lotion that locks in moisture all day. The skin absorbs it quickly and leaves it smooth. Feels refreshing and helps the skin look radiant. It’s infused with aloe, shea butter, and cucumber.

Garnier Hydrating Gel Cream (click to shop)

It is a water based and lightweight cream. It smooths the skin’s texture, hydration and improves the skin with continued use. The difference between this one and the Elf Daily Hydration Moisturizer is that Garnier’s is very, very lightweight. Its consistency is very thin and watery. It is absorbed quicker by the skin and it has a cooling feel too.


Nyx Hydra-Touch Primer (click to shop)

This is my babe. I swear by this guy. Did I make it clear that I love it? It is for dry skin, but to be honest it is not oily, thick or too dewy.  I don’t see a problem if a person with oily skin uses it. It is water based, lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

NYX Shine Killer Primer (click to shop)

This primer is for oily skin. It is silicone based, not so thick, comfortable to wear and leaves your skin feeling very soft. I use it sometimes, even though I have dry skin, just because of its softness and blurring effects.

NYX Angel Veil Primer (click to shop)

This guy has been all over social media for a while. And after seeing it on every YouTube video I decided to give it a try. It is a cream and I would say it feels like a paste when you’re applying it. It is not uncomfortable, don’t get me wrong. Locks your makeup all day and leaves your skin feeling extra smooth.

Milani Prime Light Primer (click to shop)

It is a strobing and pore minimizing primer. It has shimmer in it too so, I don’t recommend it for oily skin, however, for dry skin it is amazing. It adds shine to your makeup, but it won’t make you look oily. It’s perfect for a nice dewy look.


L’Oréal True Match Foundation  (Dry Skin) (click to shop)

It is a lightweight foundation. Light to medium coverage, buildable and very comfortable to wear. Their shade range is very extense, which is great for any type of skin. Makes your skin look flawless, dewy but not shiny or oily. It’s the perfect foundation for a smooth look.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (Dry Skin) (click to shop)

It is light to medium coverage, also buildable the difference is, True Match consistency is thinner. It won’t cake and lasts all day.

L’Oréal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation (Dry skin) (click to shop)

It is a very watery foundation, also lightweight and although it is for dry skin, it does not look as dewy as the ones above. It is very comfortable to wear and you almost can’t feel it. It gives a natural and smooth look.

L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte (Oily Skin) (click to shop)

I absolutely love this foundation, even though I have dry skin. It is completely matte, it is the most long-lasting foundation I’ve ever tried. Its undertones are yellow, but look absolutely beautiful on the skin. It helps control oil, but it is extremely dry so If you want a matte but not so dry foundation, check out the next one.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless (Oily Skin) (click to shop)

This foundation is amazing. It is matte and blurs your pores, but doesn’t give you that drying or flat look. I use it sometimes even though I have dry skin. It leaves your skin looking amazing and it won’t clog your pores.

Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation (Any type of skin) (click to shop)

I would say it has a fuller coverage and it’s thicker. Lasts all day, it’s very easy to blend and doesn’t feel uncomfortable. What’s amazing about this foundation is that it can be used as a concealer, so you’ll save a step and some products too.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (click to shop)

It has been my all-time favorite concealer for a long time. It is very light-weight, smooth, very easy to blend and it illuminates the under eye very beautifully. It is light to medium coverage, so don’t use it alone. Use another concealer on top or underneath or a color corrector.

Maybelline Master Conceal (click to shop)

This has been on the market for a long time, but I tried it recently and absolutely fell in love. It is yellow so it illuminates the under eye more than the Fit Me Concealer and it is full coverage. You can use it alone and it will cover the dark circles and won’t give you that white cast because it’s yellow. But because I am so extra and it truly looks amazing, I apply the Fit ME underneath and on top the Master Conceal. It gives a beautiful coverage and it illuminates the under eye like nothing I have ever tried. The Master Conceal is thicker but yet very easy to blend.


NYX Brow Pomade (click to shop)

NYX Brow Pomade is a good cheap option to create the brows. I personally don’t use brow pencils because I like a more snatched and carved brow. It is like a paste

NYX Brow Pencil (click to shop)

Brow Pencils are a good option for people who like natural or feathery brows. They’re easy to work with, fast to use and it gives you a nice brow too.

Loose Powder

Airspun Translucent Powder (click to shop)

Loose powder is used to set the under eye, face and any cream applied. I cannot explain my love for this guy. It is for dry skin, it is matte and absorbs oil. You can use it to set the under eye, face or the “baking” technique.

L’Oréal Hydra Perfect Translucent Powder (click to shop)

I started using this powder after my skin got extremely dry. It minimizes the appearance of pores and has moisturizers to keep the skin healthy and looking flawless.

Compact Powder

L’Oréal Infallible Pro Glow Powder (click to shop)

This is a dual powder. One side has shimmer which you can use as a highlighter or all over face glow. I use it all over the face to add a little shimmer and it helps for a dewy look. It won’t make your face look oily or too shimmery. It just adds the perfect about of shine.

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Powder (click to shop)

It is for oily skin, sensitive skin and won’t clog pores.  It is matte but not flat. Improves skin texture and leaves it looking smooth. Controls shine and last all day.


Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner (click to shop)

I have been using this eyeliner for years and have not found something better. It is very easy to use, water and sweat resistant last all day and it’s very black. Although it sticks to the eyelids and does not move, it is very easy to remove.

Volum’ Express The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara (click to shop)

What I love about this mascara is that it’s double-sided. One side for upper lashes and one side for lower lashes. Which is great because usually the brush is too big for the lower lashes and you end up making a mess. It is very comfortable to wear and volume and length to the lashes too.

L’Oréal Lash Paradise Mascara (click to shop)

I have to say it truly is a dupe for the Better Than Sex Mascara, but better. Its brush is very similar. It won’t smudge and does not have fall out like the Better Than Sex Mascara. It gives a lot of volume and it’s extremely comfortable to wear. And I say this because usually drugstore mascaras give me itchiness or allergies and this one does not. I love it.


Wet N Wild Highlighting Powder (click to shop)

This has been raved about a lot on social media and it lives to it. First of all, it is very cheap, which is great and It gives a beautiful glow. I cannot say anything else other than it is great, beautiful and cheap. Go for it.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer (click to shop)

Rimmel Natural Bronzer was the first bronzer I ever bought. It gives a beautiful tan and bronzed look. It makes you feel you live in the Caribbean and gives you beach vibes. I love it and the color is beautiful.

L’Oréal True Match Blush (click to shop)

This too was one of the first blushes I bought. What I love about it is that even though you get a very pink shade you can work it to either be very pigmented or a subtle look. Their range is wide so you can choose between a light pink or a redder pink.

Mario Badescu Setting Spray (click to shop)

This Gem I found at Ulta and to be honest, I didn’t even need a setting spray, but I have to confess, I am a sucker for them and after seeing it’s price and the number of ounces I gave it a try. They have a rosewater option and cucumber with green tea. I went for the second option because I can’t stand rose odor products. It is a facial mist that can be used before makeup, after makeup application or as a refreshing mist. It is very hydrating, refreshing and cooling. The biggest bottle is 8oz for $12 which is great and they have a travel and medium size too.

All these products I’ve tried and loved in the past. Most of them I still reach for every day. I absolutely love






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