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September 26, 2017

Air Repair Skincare Product Review


Hey guys! A few weeks ago, the amazing team of air repair skincare contacted me to see if I wanted to try their products in exchange for my opinion. After looking at their website and reading what they’re all about, I got very excited and accepted immediately.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not getting paid to write this nor are the links mentioned here affiliate links. I do not get a commission if you purchase from them. Some of the information here is from their website. 


Who are they?

Air Repair Skin Care is created by skin care specialist and licensed esthetician, Denise Spanek. Her mission is to make it easy for people to achieve healthy, glowing skin at any age. She created a nature-based line of products to address inflame- aging. The products are created with clean chemistry, healing botanicals, and natural extracts that are specifically formulated to block inflammatory mediators and help the skin repair itself. The products are free of petroleum, mineral oil, and parabens. They are also gluten-free and cruelty-free.

What is it?

Air Repair Skin Care is a skin care line made to combat the effects of environmental stressors that trigger inflam-aging of the skin. It is made with healing botanicals and natural extracts. Their purpose is to heal your skin or prevent from irritation or inflammation due to air pollution or weather changes. All their products are travel size and TSA approved, so you can take them with you when you travel.

 Air Repair® Skincare Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer $21

What it is:

It’s a regenerating treatment cream that helps repair dull, tired and dehydrated skin.

What it does:

It moisturizes and rejuvenates stressed and inflamed skin. It prevents chronic inflammation, or “inflam-aging,” which causes dryness, dehydration, irritation and premature aging.

My experience:

I loved the consistency and texture of this cream. Although I am not a fan of creams for the face, this one is so light-weight, smooth and very comfortable to wear. It sinks into the skin immediately, it is not thick and leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated instantly. I have very dry skin and this cream leaves it feeling very hydrated and soft. I absolutely love how thin and fast absorbent it is.

 Complexion-Quenching Facial Mist $10

 What it is:

It is a facial mist loaded with moisturizing and refreshing ingredients to instantly cool and soothe skin. Can be used as a toner, setting spray or facial mist. As a toner, spray the product into a cotton pad and apply all over the face. As a setting spray, spray all over face after makeup application. As a facial mist, spray all over face throughout the day to refresh makeup and face.

What it does:

It hydrates the skin, living a cooling and refreshing feeling.

My Experience:

This was the product I was most excited about. It is a facial mist, setting spray and toner in one.  I absolutely love this product. The fact that it is travel size and has skincare ingredients in it has me drooling about it. The thing is I always buy a setting spray twice, it’s regular size and the travel size and if I only buy one, I always go for the travel size so I can have it with me at all times. I love the refreshing feeling it gives to the skin and I also love that you can use it for more than one thing.

Super Hydrating Eye Cream $23

What it is:

It is a multi-purpose eye treatment that relieves and protects dry, fragile skin around the eye area.

 What it does:

It adds hydration to the under-eye and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines. With continued use, it can diminish the appearance of dark circles and reduce under-eye puffiness.


My experience:

I use this every night and I love how light-weight and refreshing it feels. I apply it with a Q-tip to prevent mixing the residue I have on my hands from the face cream. If you apply face cream with your hands and then apply the eye cream right after without washing your hands, you’re mixing products and can cause irritation. This has happened to me before, so that’s why I take these precautions.

A little goes a very long way, so this tube can last quite some time. I love how smooth and soft my under-eye feels in the morning. It makes my eyes look rested and awake.

Soothing Facial Cleansing Milk $10


What it is:

Cleans and refreshes stressed skin with soothing plant extracts.

What it does:

Removes dirt and makeup without stripping the skin of moisture. It is ideal for all skin types (mature, oily, acne prone, and even rosaceous). Its nourishing ingredients calm and hydrate, yielding a soft and smooth complexion.

My Experience:

I have never tried a cleansing milk before, so this was kind of interesting. For some reason I thought that using the term milk was just that, using the term. I never thought it would actually feel like milk. I know, it might sound dumb, but that’s what I thought. It removes dirt and makeup without you even feeling it. I felt I was putting on a regular cream rather than a cleanser. I rather go for a cleansing oil or soap, but this guy does its job. It leaves skin feeling smooth and soft right after and the next day my face felt like a baby’s butt. I actually was impressed with the results and I really liked it.


What it is:

It is s a multi-tasking skin healer. It can be used for the lips, hands, face, cuticles, elbows, or anywhere on the body to help alleviate dry, flaky skin instantly.

What it does:

Rescue Balm soothes, protects, and nourishes on contact. It is made with potent emollients that help prevent transepidermal water loss (or the loss of water through the outermost layer of the skin)one of the primary causes of dry skin.

My Experience:

I’m going to be very honest, I thought this was just a blam so I have only tried it as a lip cream. It is a balm but it also has water in it. I can definitely see how it can prevent water loss. A little goes a long way too and the tube contains a lot of product. I did not like the taste or smell on this one, so it is kind of uncomfortable to wear as a lip balm. I did felt my lips hydrated and smooth after several uses. I can say it has benefits with continued use. I am very excited to try it out on my face to see how that works. I will definitely keep trying out this one and I’ll update you guys on Social Media.

Overall Thoughts:

I absolutely love the concept of this brand. The fact that their purpose is to take care of your skin while you travel and through weather changes is amazing. I have never seen a brand do this before. I love how all their products are travel size and TSA approved. It saves us time and money. Now you don’t have to buy a full size and a travel size or switch containers every time you travel. I also love that it comes in its own pouch, so again, you don’t have to be finding storage for it. It also has a clip for you to attach to the bag or suitcase. I love how you can use this for travel, or even for weather changes. Now that we are transitioning between summer and fall I think it’s going to be perfect for your skin. You can also carry this pouch with you at all times. It is small, so it fits comfortably in your purse or everyday bag. You can also use it as an emergency kit, which is also great. I really liked all these products and the company mission and view in the skincare industry. I am very glad they made these products thinking in travelers, people with sensitive skin or people whose life is hectic and are always on the go.

All these products are sold together as a kit or individually. Make sure to check out their website. It contains all the information you need and they also have videos explaining the brand and what they do, which I also thought it was great for people who don’t like to read or are just stopping by.

Let me know if you suffer from skin irritation too, due to weather changes. Are you a traveler and would you consider buying these products? Have you tried them before and if so, do you like them? Let me know what you think. I want to know how many of you know from this brand and have you loved it? Don’t forget to check their website and our social media for more updates and little reviews in these products.

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