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November 6, 2017

I’m not setting monthly goals anymore and here is why…


A lot of bloggers swear by monthly goals. They jot down a few things they want to get done by the end of the month. Mark them off as they go and for the next month, they jot down new ones. Although it works for the majority and helps to keep you on track, make great use of your time, and stay organize, monthly goals were just not working for me. I manage to accomplish more without goals, deadlines or a to-do list.

I used to write down a post on my monthly goals or whatever came to my mind that I wanted to accomplish that month. I started to jot a few things down and call it a day. The thing is, I never came back to see them, track them or see how I was doing. By the end of the month I wrote new goals, not even looking at my last month’s goals, and hoped to accomplish them in some kind of way. After I noticed this method was not working for me at all, I decided to write fewer goals to see if I could stick to them. It worked, or at least that’s what I thought. I manage to accomplish a few things this time, but by mid-month or two weeks in, I changed my goals and focused on other stuff that was not planned. After all this on and off relationship with my goals, I decided to stop writing them and just go with the flow to see how much I could accomplish.

On September, I wrote probably 5 or 6 things I wanted to accomplish and after two weeks, I changed my mind completely. I still got things done but not the ones I had in mind or had planned. Last month I decided to avoid the monthly goal thing. I wanted to see if I was still productive without deadlines or something written down telling me what I should be doing. It worked and it worked wonders. Although I didn’t post that much on social media or published new posts on the blog, I have been way more productive than the past two months.

Few of the things I accomplished are: 

I went from 5K monthly views to 309K monthly views on Pinterest.

On October, I decided to focus on Pinterest. It is all over the blogging community that Pinterest is the biggest source for driving traffic to your blog. It can help you generate sales, increase blog traffic, increase your mailing list and build a community. Bloggers swear by Pinterest and almost every blogger on earth has a post on how to make a living through Pinterest. After seeing and reading about this on and on, on social media and struggling with page views, I decided it was time to focus on Pinterest.

You can check my account here. 

I am so glad I did. I went from 5K monthly views to 309K monthly views in a month, on Pinterest. And I increased my blog views by 1000+. To me this is insane. I’ve been blogging for a year and a half and finally my blog traffic is increasing. I still can believe how much my blog has grown in the past month and I could not be happier.

I read so many Pinterest courses and took some other e-courses to learn everything I could to see if what bloggers where saying was true. It is, I can happily say it is true. You can increase your Pinterest monthly views and your blog traffic in no time. It just takes work, passion and dedication.

Now, I don’t want this post to go out of content, but I’ll give you some quick tips on how you can grow your Pinterest and blog traffic.

·      Schedule pins with Tailwind. The more pins you schedule, the more your activity increases on Pinterest. If you’re active on Pinterest, Pinterest will recommend your boards or profile to others.

·      Re-pin your pins. People won’t see your pins if you don’t re-pin them. I go every day and re-pin my best performing pins.

·      Re-pin other people’s pins.

·      Re- pin pins with high engagement.

·      Optimize your Pinterest profile, Bio and Boards. Write an eye-catching Bio, explain what is it that you do, write about what you provide to the visitor. Let them know how you can help and where they can find you.

·      Add cover boards, write a good description about them, include key words and organize them. It’ll help your profile look good, cohesive, organized and professional.

Pinterest Update: 517K monthly views by November 4th.

My blog traffic increased by 1000+

For the longest time, a year and a half, I have struggled with increasing or even driving traffic to my blog. And by this, I mean it has been in 500 views for almost forever. As I started focusing on Pinterest my traffic increased big time. Now, I will be honest, it hasn’t skyrocketed like most people say their traffic have, but it has increased significantly.  I went from 500 views to 3k in a week and for me that’s a lot. Promoting on Twitter has helped a lot too. I schedule pins with Hootsuite and sometimes tweet manually.

I started a YouTube channel.

It has been one of the biggest accomplishments of this year and definitely the most exciting one. It was a goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year and after prolonging it I finally did it. I am so happy and excited for this new journey and I can wait to see where this takes me.

You can check out my channel here.

I did not post that much on October and I neglected my social media but I was low key working on my blog, YouTube and Pinterest. I think this has been my most productive month of the year and its funny to me because I was MIA everywhere.

There are a few things I have to work on, on my blog and I will continue to upload on YouTube, so this is getting more excited and hectic but I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. Let me know what have you been working on or what are your goals for this month. Don’t forget to check out my channel and follow up on social media.



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