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November 14, 2017

BH Cosmetics Crystal Quartz 12 Piece Brush Set Review

Hey, Dolls. Today I want to share with you a very nice quality, affordable brush set that I recently bought. I was on the hunt for the perfect brush set that I would recommend to beginners, Pros and anyone on a budget. I bought the Bh Cosmetics Crystal Quartz 12 Piece Brush Set. I picked it up because It was the only affordable brush set that I noticed had face brushes and eye brushes. So basically, you can do your whole makeup with this set. I have a previous brush set from this brand and I really like it, so I thought this one might be good too.

I would say it is the best brush set I have tried so far. I am very pleased with its quality and price. I’m also very excited that I found this and can recommend to you guys. You know I’m all about saving some money and finding this brush set that not only is high- quality but affordable too, is amazing.


What is it?

The Crystal Quartz is a 12-piece brush set that includes 4 face brushes and 8 eye brushes. They are made of soft synthetic bristles It also comes with a small makeup bag for easy storage and travel.

El Crystal Quartz es un set de 12 brochas. Cuatro brochas para el rostro y 8 para los ojos.  Son celdas sintéticas y suaves que ayudan a que la difuminación sea mas fácil y natural. También contiene un estuche de maquillaje para que las lleves contigo en todo momento.


What you’ll get. 

1.    Deluxe Powder Brush

2.    Large Rounded Bronzing Brush

3.    Rounded Buffing Brush

4.    Flat Contour Brush

5.    Large Blending Brush

6.    Tapered Blending Brush

7.    Domed Blending Brush

8.    Buffing Blender Brush

9.    Eye Shader Brush

10. Pencil Brush

11. Flat Concealer Brush

12. Angled Brush

13. Makeup bag


What are they for / How to use them.

1.    Deluxe Powder Brush. It is self-explanatory but you can use it to apply contour also. It’s very soft so it’ll apply the powder or blush very nice, meaning you won’t get harsh lines.


2.    Large Rounded Bronzing Brush. This brush is soft and dense. It is meant to be used for bronzing, however, I use it for contour. It goes right on the hollows of your cheeks, blends the product very easily and it is very good to move the product around.


3.     Rounded Buffing Brush. This brush is to blend everything in but I use it to apply blush when I don’t want the blush to get mixed with the contour. Since it is so round and dense, I tap it once onto my skin and then blend in circular motions in the same place to remove harsh lines.

4.    Flat Contour Brush. Although I don’t use it very much, I am very happy that it’s in this kit. This brush is to clean underneath the contour with powder to make it sharper. I don’t use it because I don’t go for that sharp, snatched face every day.

5.    Large Blending Brush. This one I use to blend on top of my crease. With this brush, I apply the first eyeshadow on my crease and then I start defining the crease with other brushes.

6.    Tapered Blending Brush. This brush is the same as the Large Blending Brush but its thinner. While the Large Blending Brush is used to apply eyeshadow above the crease, this one is used to apply the eyeshadow where the crease is. Not lower or above it.

7.    Domed Blending Brush. It is a thin, dense blending brush with a tip. Its purpose is to define outer or inner corners.

8.    Buffing Blender Brush. This one is a flat round blending brush, not dense. Used to buff and blend all the eyeshadows together to erase harsh lines. It can be used to apply eyeshadow on the outer corner of the lid.

9.    Eye Shader Brush. This brush is shorter than the one above, the Buffing Blender Brush, but its characteristics are the same. I use it to pack color on the lid or blend specific areas.

10. Pencil Brush. The Pencil Brush is a small, dense, pointed, blending brush used to blend the water line or apply highlighter in the inner corner of the eye.


11. Flat Concealer Brush. It may be called concealer but I use it to apply eyeshadow on the water line, then I go with the pencil brush and blend it all together. It is short, dense and flat. It goes perfectly on your lower lash line to apply the eyeshadow. You can use it too to clean the lid with concealer and then apply any glitter eyeshadow.


12. Angled brush.  Hold on tight. This brush can be used to apply eyeliner or make your brows. I use it to make my brows and to be honest, I replaced my Morphe Angled Brush. I love this one more because it is dense and the bristles are softer. It picks more color and it is easier to work with. It fills the areas perfectly and you can even use it to blend. I don’t have to use a spoolie and I love how my eyebrows look.

My opinions

Like I said before, I was looking for an affordable brush set that I would recommend to those who are just starting in makeup, people who only do their makeup for a daily basis or those who wanted a good quality brush set at an affordable price. After doing some research, I picked up this set because it had all the face and eye brushes you could possibly need.

The problem with most brush sets is that they include brushes that you end up not using or they don’t include the brushes you actually need. I was so excited when I saw this brush set because it was all I was looking for and it even came with a makeup bag so you can store them and take them with you anywhere.

These brushes are extremely soft and blend the product like a dream. It is perfect for beginners because it applies the eyeshadows so smooth you can easily build the product up or just create a natural look effortlessly. It won’t create harsh lines or pick up an excessive amount of product.

They have the perfect sizes to fit in the crease and blend the eyeshadow to perfection. They have a big blending brush, a tapered one and a domed one for precision. I cannot explain or describe enough how perfect this brush set is.

Their quality is amazing, very soft and each brush gets the job done. They make blending effortlessly and you can create any look with them. You don’t have to reach for other brushes or brush sets, you have it all on this one. The best part is that they’re affordable and they include every brush you could possibly need.

I am very pleased with this brush set, their quality, and price. Definitely worth the money and trying. Let me know what brushes you are currently using or if you have or get this one.












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