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January 30, 2018

Best Drugstore Concealer.

Maybelline Master conceal. NYX HD Concealer

Full coverage, brightening, long-lasting, creamy, affordable drugstore concealer. Sounds appealing? Are those some of the things you’re looking for in a concealer? I’ve found the perfect drugstore concealer combo that’ll help you achieve a bright and full coverage look without looking cakey, having a white cast, creasing and the best part, not breaking the bank.

Since I can remember we’ve all been wanting a full coverage concealer

that brightens the undereye and does not crease. This concealer journey has been a long one for me. From using the whitest concealer on the aisle to not setting it and letting it crease. I know I’m cringing too.


Over the past years, I’ve tried drugstore concealers, high-end concealers and even changed the way I applied them. I went from looking like a corpse to having the most beautiful, not drying, not creased under-eye.

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Without Makeup/ Concealer

What I use

NYX HD Concealer

This bad boy had me going back and forth and if you follow me on Snapchat, which you should if you haven’t already (lailahyaritza), you know that I bought it at first and did not like it. It didn’t feel that full coverage as people said it was. Because if you don’t know yet, this concealer has been compared to the NarNYX HD Concealers Radiant Creamy Concealer. I know, insane. Back to my story, I tried this concealer and it felt dry and not full coverage at all. I tried two shades a concealer and then a yellow corrector. I can’t tell which one was worst. The yellow one was very sheer, had no coverage whatsoever and wasn’t even brightening, which is the purpose of a yellow concealer.

I gave it up for a while and after seeing numerous good reviews all over social media, I dived in again. I went for another concealer, shade and for sure for the last chance. This time I picked up the shade 3.5 and to give you a spoiler I have bought 4 by this time and have to go get a new one.

It is full coverage as they say, creamy, brightening, lightweight and very beautiful. It blends like a dream and covers dark circles very well. You can definitely use it by itself or add an orange corrector or another concealer to add coverage. It is very creamy and feels very soft on the skin. It does not crease and lasts all day. I fell in love with this concealer and will not change it anytime soon. It is by far one of the best drugstore concealers I have ever tried.

Wearing only NYX HD Concealer

Maybelline Master Prime Conceal

I was married to the Fit Me concealer and to be honest, I didn’t want to try anything else. I tried this one because a friend of mine, who loves makeup as much as I do, was raving consistently about it. I gave it a try and fell in love with its coverage. It is super extra full coverage. It is a little bit thicker sin it has more coverage. It creases if you don’t set it immediately, but it isn’t something you can’t fix. Like I said, you just have to set it on the spot. It is very yellow which helps brighten the under-eye. I really love how creamy and brightening it is. It lasts all day and is very easy to blend.

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How I use them

You can definitely use them by themselves but since I am the queen of being extra and I really like a bright under eye I mix them both. I go in first with the NYX HD concealer since it is lighter. On top, I apply just a tiny bit of the Master Conceal to add coverage and brighten the area. I set with a hydrating loose powder, The Born This Way Ethereal Powder. The result is pretty amazing, a full coverage and bright under-eye. The best part is that they are affordable and can be found anywhere.

Maybelline Master Conceal + NYX HD Concealer

My suggestions

• Set immediately after application. Do one eye first and set. Do the other eye and set. Since you are applying two concealers, one being thicker than the other, it will start to crease immediately.
• Use a hydrating loose powder to set the under eye even though you have oily skin. The under eye is the only part of the face that does not produce oil. Since you are applying two concealers and the area is already dry, using a matte powder will only make the area look dryer and emphasize the lines.
• Use a translucent powder to avoid altering the shade of the concealer.

Where to buy

NYX HD Concealer

Maybelline Master Conceal

Face Finished

Final Thoughts

I really like and enjoy these drugstore concealers. I really think they are both excellent quality and are everything you could possibly want in a concealer. I use them mixed all the time but have used them by themselves too and they still work perfectly fine. If you are on a budget or simply can’t find a concealer that works for you. This is going to be your best option. Play with them, check which consistency you like best, how they wear on you and determine if using them mixed or by themselves works for you.

Don’t forget to leave me your thoughts down below and let me know which is your favorite concealer or which one I should try. I have been very active in Snapchat and Insta Stories product reviews, makeup tips and tutorials. Add me so you don’t miss it. Check out our YouTube for more in-depth makeup tutorials and How to do your makeup. It was nice chatting with you as always. I’ll see you guys on the next one.


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