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February 7, 2018

10 Beauty Products Under $10

I decided to gather 10 beauty products that have stood out to me the most this past month. Instead of doing beauty favorites for the month of January I picked 10 beauty products that I have been using nonstop and that I really like. I also wanted to keep it on the affordable side. Ya’ll know I’m all about saving that cash. So I chose 10 beauty products under 10 dollars. I know It sounds very appealing and kind of exciting if you were to ask me.

This past month I bought a few beauty products under 10 dollars and to be honest, I am quite impressed with the outcome and how much I ended up loving them. I also included some of my old favorites that even made it to my yearly favorites round up, but for sure are some products you need to have in your makeup collection.

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Before jumping into details, I must say this post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned below, however, there are affiliate links included. I’ll do earn money if you click on them and decide to buy. If you do, thank you for supporting me and my blog, it means a lot. All opinions are my own based on my experience and product’s efficiency.


E.L.F. Lock on Liner and Brow Cream $4

This is the most exciting beauty product I have bought, found and tried. It is a brow pomade or perhaps cream because it is very creamy. In comparison with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade, E.L.F.’s Lock on Liner and Brow Cream is creamier, smoother and softer. It lasts all day, it is crazy pigmented, very easy to use, blends very easy and fills in your brows like a dream. I cannot say enough good things about this product. It is only $4 and has officially replaced my Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade.



E.L.F. Cream Eyeliner $3

I was on the hunt for a new eyeliner that was creamy and very black. This guy right here tackled

both. I was surprised at how easy it went in my eye, how black it was and how it stayed put throughout the whole day. No smudges or flakiness. It is a very good option for a cream eyeliner. It is only $3 and worth the buy.

Maybelline Master Conceal $8.99

This by far has been the best concealer I have tried to this date.  It is long lasting, easy to blend and brightens the under eye beautifully. It is creamy, a little thick, but nothing crazy. Although it starts to crease if you don’t set it immediately, it is very easy to blend and once you set it, it lasts all day.For those of you who like a full coverage makeup, this is going to be your best friend.

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer $5

This guy made it to my yearly favorites too and to be honest I was very impressed and surprised about it. There’s a long story behind this concealer and if you want to know all about it check out this post. For now, you need to know that it is very creamy, hydrating and has medium to full coverage. For only $5 you should buy like 10 minimum.

 Maybelline Lash Sensational $8.99

I love how this mascara adds length and volume to my lashes. It won’t irritate my eyes which is a plus and it does not flake throughout the day.


Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation $5.99

This foundation is amazing for any type of skin. I have dry skin and it still looks beautiful. You just have to prepare your skin with the right products and the ones your skin needs according to its necessities at the moment. I hydrate my skin and prime with hydrating primers before. I also use luminous powders and concealers. The finish is absolutely stunning, it lasts all day and it truly feels like a high-end foundation for just $5.99.

Real Techniques Blush Brush $9

I have been very intrigued by Real Techniques brushes for a long time. A lot of people rave about them and talk about how good and affordable they are. I am currently obsessed with powder and blush brushes, so I bought them both. This one stood out to me the most. I love how fluffy and tapered it is making it easy to pick up the right amount of color instead of packing a big amount like a dense brush would do, and make you look like a clown. It makes it very easy to blend the product and it applies it very soft and natural, yet giving you the option to build it up too. It is an award-winning brush and I can totally see why. If you really like a nice and decent blush application, this is the brush you would want.


Milani Keep It Sweet Sugar Lip Scrub $8.99

This is actually the only product that is actually $10, I guess it still applies. I picked this lip scrub because my lips were in desperate need of hydration and something that could take off all the dead skin. I suffer from very dry lips so I am constantly wearing chapsticks and hydrating lip treatments. I picked this one up in the hopes that it’ll take away all the dead skin and leave my lips smooth and soft. It did exactly what I wanted. It immediately removed all the dead skin, felt smooth and soft on the lips and left my lips like new. I really recommend this to anyone who suffers from dry lips or who uses matte lipsticks frequently. It is a life savior, affordable and it truly works.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick $9.49

The hype is real. This reformulated line by Maybelline has been getting a lot of hype lately and with a very good reason. They are completely matte, extremely long-lasting, very pigmented, comfortable to wear and won’t dry your lips. This thing does not come off even though you eat a glazed doughnut. I haven’t tried that to be honest, but I do have eaten while having this lipstick on and gurl, it ain’t coming off. I was truly amazed and surprised with this formula. I bought only one to try it and ended up going back for more. It truly is a very good lipstick formula and I strongly encourage you to try them if you haven’t already.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray $5

I really enjoy this facial spray especially the fact that it is available in three sizes. Travel size, medium size, and big or normal size. It is very refreshing, smells amazing and helps hydrate the skin. It can be used as a setting spray also. I always carry the travel size with me to refresh my skin when I’m out and about.

All these products I have been using nonstop lately. A few are old favorites, others I bought this month. I just thought it would be nice and helpful to write a list of the products that I think everyone should own under $10. I mean, they are really good and you can’t beat the price. If you want me to pick just one for you to try it would be hands down the E.L.F. Lock on Liner and Brow Cream. That stuff is amazing and for only $4, gurrrllllll hop on that website right now. You can also find it at any drugstore, so that’s a plus, no shipping.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. If there are some products that you like under $10 not mentioned here, definitely leave them in the comments so I can try them and see how I like them. I always love trying new stuff and if it’s affordable, even better.

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