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March 19, 2018

New in my makeup stash.

I always want to go on a no-buy for a month or at least for a week, but men, It is so hard. Especially when you work next to Ulta and Sephora, not to mention Walgreens is just a few steps away. I’ve been wanting to try new things, especially from E.L.F. I also have been wanting to find some cheaper versions of products I have owned. So with that as an excuse I went and bought some new makeup, guilty pleasure.

Eyebrow Products

E.L.F. Clear Brow and Lash Mascara

I wanted a clear brow gel since I have been using the Anastasia Brow Gel for a while and although it is excellent, it is very expensive. $22 dollars for a brow gel is insane in my opinion. Since I have been loving Elf lately, I decided to head back to the Elf section at the drugstore and see what I could find.
I came across this Clear Brow and Lash Mascara and although I wasn’t looking for a clear mascara, $2 for this whole thing is something you just can’t say no to. The clear mascara is something I haven’t tried yet, but the brow gel itself gets the job done. It is by no means a dupe for the ABH Brow Gel nor it feels super stiff on the eyebrows, but it definitely keeps your brow hairs in place and that was what I was looking for.
The only thing that I have mixed feelings with is the packaging. Although I think it is beautiful, chic and stunning, I don’t like that it is clear. It will get dirty and look ugly as you use it.

E.L.F. Instant Lift Brow Pencil

I have been wanting a brow pencil for a long time but I wasn’t sure which one to buy, I only knew that I did not want to spend $20 on one. To my surprise, I found this E.L.F. brow pencil for just $2. I know, E.L.F. keeps killing it with the prices. I chose the one in black. I really like the pigmentation and how easy it goes on. The tip is very pointed so you can either create fine or thick strokes as well as outline the eyebrow.
Packaging wise I love again how chic and pretty it looks, but what I love the most is that the spoolie, which is of excellent quality btw, has a cap or cover so it won’t get dirty. I absolutely love this because my spoolies get very dirty and nasty.

NYX Control Freak Brow Gel

Since the E.L.F. packaging was clear I really wanted one that wouldn’t show off the dirt from the spoolie or the brush. I picked up this one and I have to say that they are very similar. They do their job and the only reason that I would pick this one over the E.L.F. one is because this one has more product and like I already said, the packaging isn’t clear.


NYX Gel Liner Smudger

I have been on a hunt for black, matte, gel liners. Ever since I noticed that the Maybelline Gel Liner was not as black as I remember it being I decided to look for another one. I picked this one up when I bought the Brow Gel. I have also read that NYX’s eyeliners are very black, matte and stay all day, which later on I confirmed. I love how creamy it is and how easy it goes on your eyelid. It is in fact very black, matte and lasts all day. Very easy to apply and definitely takes any look to the next level. Highly recommended.

Wet N’ Wild Nude Awakening Color Icon Eyeshadow

This is the only product I have not tried just because I want to film a first impression with it for my Youtube channel. I picked this palette because I want to start getting into drugstore eyeshadows and this one in particular because that Blue Navy was calling my name. I also like how it’s nude but you can add a pop of color if you want.


Selfie Ready Foundation Brush

I have been on a hunt for a new foundation brush. I love using a beauty sponge but sometimes I want to save some time or are just a little lazy and want to get it over with. I picked this one up from E.L.F. because it looked fluffy, soft and gave me the impression of an airbrush finish. I did not like the finish that much. It left me the brush strokes on the face which is a big No, No. I am going to keep using it and will update you guys. It is fluffy and soft but the finish was not what I expected.

L’Oreal Infallible Glow Lock Primer

Everyone has been adding this unicorn drops to their foundations or oils, to make it look more luminous or glowy. I’m over here thinking, bruh dass esspensive (kathleen lights voice). I tried Milani’s Prime Light Strobing + Pore Minimizing Face Primer and although I liked it I stopped using it for no particular reason. Wanting to try again a luminous primer I picked this Glow Lock Primer because anything Infallible I love and L’Oreal itself is amazing. I absolutely love how this adds a nice, natural glow to my skin, yet works as a primer and helps my makeup stay in place throughout the day.

Milani Rose Powder Blush in Romantic Rose

I wanted an everyday blush that’ll make me look like I had a natural tan. Every time I went to Target I picked this one up and for some reason put it back. I finally decided to buy it and I am OBSESSED. It is the most subtle blush yet it adds color to the face without making it look too much. I love how natural it looks on me and how it makes me look like I have a natural tan. It’s a blush for everyday use and will look great on any skin tone.


NYX Shiny Lip Gloss

I was filming a video for my youtube channel and I did a very glamorous look that went perfectly with a nude lip. I wore Kat Von D’s Bow and Arrow and for the first time ever I thought It would look even better with a gloss on top of it. If you are an OG here you should know I only wear matte lipstick. I have never tried lip glosses as an adult, to be honest. And it’s because thinking of a gloss only reminded me of the ones I used as a kid which were very stick and annoying.

E.L.F. Lip Plumping Gloss

I picked this one up to use as a lip topper and I didn’t notice it was a lip plumping gloss. Although I am not into lip plumpers, the tingling sensation from this one wasn’t that bad. I also did not notice any difference in my lips. The color was a little bit off from what I expected and the formula is not bad, but also not the best. For the price is alright, but it’s not my favorite.
 This is everything I got from my last shopping trip. I hope my next one is just to get restocked, although I always get something extra. Let me know what have you been buying lately and if you have tried anything I mentioned above.
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