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March 29, 2018

How to get perfect eyebrows with cheap products.

There’s something about eyebrows that still scares people. Not to mention when they see the high price points of brow products at Sephora, they freak out even more, including me. And I get it, brow products can be quite up there when it comes to price, be intimidating and sometimes difficult to use. Today I’ll share the products that’ll make your brow game easier, faster and stronger, and the best part, won’t hurt your pocket.


E.L.F Lock on Liner and Brow Cream

After a few attempts, trying different products and changing constantly between pomades,

eyeshadows, and pencils I came to the conclusion that a pomade worked best for me. Why a pomade? Because it gives you the freedom to create natural strokes, a bold brow, fill or just create a soft look. With a pencil, I find it harder to fill and create a sharp look. If you fill in your whole brow with a pencil, probably the pencil will last only two days and it makes the eyebrows look blurry and messy, which is not what I am going for.

I use E.L.F. Lock on Liner and Brow Cream. It is the creamiest pomade I have found, the most pigmented, easy to use, blend, apply and lasts all day. It also stays creamy and fresh in the pot. I find that pomades tend to dry after a week. I have had this one for almost two months now and its consistency is still intact. I think it is also the cheapest brow cream out there. It retails for  $4 dollars and it is even better than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. Yes, I said that.

NYX Photogenic HD Concealer

It is very important that you clean your eyebrows after you draw them. It’ll help shape them better, clean any mistakes, make them thinner if you drew them too thick and even highlight the brow bone. In my case, I don’t highlight the brow bone with a highlighter, I just use concealer for a natural look. You can choose any concealer for this. I use the NYX Photogenic Concealer because it is what I use for my under-eye. It is also the best and cheapest concealer at the drugstore. Use a flat precision brush to clean the areas and blend with a beauty sponge or your fingers to remove concealer marks above your eyebrow. You can also clean the area with your foundation if you don’t like the white residue from the concealer.

NYX Clear Brow Gel

Last step and totally optional is to go over with a brow gel. This will help keep your eyebrows in place throughout the whole day. If you want a more natural look or perhaps a feathery look, you can avoid this step. I like snatched brows that stay in place all day, so this is a must for me.

Bonus Tip

Use a dense, synthetic, angled brush. It helps pick up the product and apply it evenly. I use the angled brush from BH Cosmetics Crystal Quartz Brush Set. I was using an angled brush from Morphe but it was too thin and made the product look sheer.

 These are all the products I use to create my eyebrows every day. It always makes me happy when I find good and affordable products that help me create a high-end look. Let me know in the comments what are some of your favorite products. I always like to try new things.


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