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May 9, 2018

I have been invited to a showcase | Raw San Diego Presents Magnify

Hey, girlies!

On my previous post, Best of April, I mentioned that I was invited to be part of Raw San Diego presents Magnify. A showcase in which artists of any kind present their work. Well, It finally happened and today I’ll share in detail how the event went, my participation and what I learned from it. Grab a snack.

On March an agent reached out to me and invited me to be part of Raw San Diego Presents Magnify. Raw Artists is a company that dedicates to host showcases around the world. They invite different kinds of artists to showcase their work to a numerous amount of people in order for them to generate exposure, network and connect.

They invite painters, photographers, crafters, hairstylists, makeup artists, musicians, dancers and more. They are granted a spot for them to mount their booth and present their work. The vibe was incredible and as the night went on, they were various performers on stage doing their thing which kept you entertained. 

For makeup artists, they had a pedestal in which the models went up for ten minutes, so people can appreciate their work. Every ten minutes the models would rotate and so on. As a makeup artist and hairstylist, you could have a booth to present your portfolio, but you had to ask for it.

My Participation

It was very exciting to be asked to be part of this event and to this day I still can’t believe I did it. After all the meetings and conference calls I was a little scared and started to question what I was really getting into. I was asked to be in charge of the makeup, hair, and wardrobe of five models, I chose 3. At first, I got scared because I do makeup, but hair and now I have to be a stylist too? Well, it definitely was intimidating and a lot of work.

The first 3 weeks I was trying to gather my ideas, come up with a theme because they also asked me to have a theme, and get everything organized and ready. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and create something different and eye-catching. After a lot of thought, stress and a little of anxiety, I decided to stay in my comfort zone. The last time I tried to do something different it went wrong, and on this showcase, there was no room what so ever for things to go wrong.

So, after looking for inspiration, buying makeup I later didn’t use and changing my mind a million times, a week before the event I ordered some face and body glitter to add to the looks I wanted to create. In the end, I did a regular makeup with pops of color and glitter to make the makeup stand out. I tried to practice beforehand but practicing in your own face will never be the same as doing it on someone else’s. That had me stressed out too. I was literally going to wing it, and I did.

For their wardrobe, I wanted to find a long, black, jacket-ish cardigan, but of course, I couldn’t. I went on Amazon, by the way, they have great outfit options, and found a long shirt/ tunic that fit perfectly with the concept I was going for. I also ordered some posters with my logo for the girls to hold while they were on the pedestals. And because I’m extra, I made carnets, like VIP passes, for the girls and my guests.

The day of the event, although we ran late by an hour, everything went smooth. Thank God we arrive before the event started and my models were ready, so I had nothing to finish or touch up. There was a photographer at the event for us, so we could take headshots and pictures of the girls with the makeup.

As the event went on, it was fun, exciting and we really enjoyed our time. In the end, there was a fashion show in which everyone “modeled”, more like presenting the crew kind of thing. It was a life-changing experience, definitely one of the books and one I’ll cherish forever.


What I learned

More than anything I learned to trust myself. It has been so hard to do it. Yet there were so many people that believed in me, had faith and new I was going to do a great job. It was mind-blowing how much people supported me throughout this process and still supports me to this day. Trusting yourself is definitely key. How do you expect for people to believe in you if you don’t have trust and faith and confidence in what you do?

I don’t want to leave without thanking Raw San Diego for this amazing opportunity, my models for their time and support and everyone who went to the event or supported in any way possible. Thank you again to everyone who supports me every single step of the way, believes in me and truly shares my accomplishments. I will forever be grateful for you.  Thank You

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