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August 10, 2017

50 things you might not know about me.

Every time I tell someone I don’t like chocolate or coffee their immediate reaction is to cringe and ask me where am I from. I mean, I get it but I also cringe at the smell of it or even worse, when you make those combinations of coffee and chocolate I get goosebumps and everything. You’ll flip out when you keep reading and find out what else I don’t like. Lol!

There’s something about “About Me Posts” that I love. I love getting to know the writer, what he/she likes besides writing. I also think it’s a great way of communicating, engaging and knowing each other. Today I decided to gather 50 things about me to help you get to know me better, understand my purpose and my vision of life, how I started in makeup and where my blog heads from now on. I hope you enjoy finding out some weird, but cool things about me.


About Me

  1.  I am 23 years old.
  2.  I was born and raised in Puerto Rico.
  3.  I’m currently living in San Diego, Ca.
  4. I have a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice.  I love to read.
  5. My favorite color is blue.
  6.  My favorite food is pizza and sushi.
  7. I have two dogs. Sofia (Chihuahua) and Gonzalo (Schnauzer).
  8.  I don’t like cheese on the burger or excessive amounts of cheese.
  9.   I don’t like chocolate or coffee. (I know, I’m sorry. Lol)
  10.  I also love makeup, as you can tell.
  11.  I have a sneakers obsession.
  12.  I think I have to say I also love bags and purses too.
  13.  Most of the time I wear black.
  14.   I have so much hair I could make 3 wigs and still have left. Lol (head hair)
  15.  I learned French and I forgot. Lol
  16.  I am currently a Bartender.
  17.  I am obsessed with Teen Mom and HGTV.
  18.  I am also obsessed with planning, planners and scrapbooking.
  19.   My favorite stores are Sephora, Marshalls, Home Goods, Michaels and Hobby Lobby.
  20.  I love the beach and cold weather. I know you can’t go to the beach with cold weather, but that’s just how I am, hahhaha.
  1. About My Blog

  1.  I started my blog a year ago. It was called Dear Makeup and after 8 months I rebranded.
  2.  I changed to Princess Miiaa after having that name on my Instagram account for a while
  3.   I started on WordPress, but changed to Squarespace.
  4.  I love blogging, but what throws me off is proofreading and writing everything twice, in Spanish. I still do it, because it’s my first language.
  5.   I love taking pictures.
  6. Editing kind of throws me off too, but it’s worth it when I see the final result.
  7. I would like to monetize, who doesn’t, but the struggle is real.
  8.  I procrastinate way too much, although I’m working on this.
  9.  For now, I blog, because I like it and I want to. I love having a place where I can share everything I know.

About Makeup

  1.  I started doing makeup at age 13.
  2. I took 2 makeup courses.
  3. My favorite makeup brands are Morphe, Maybelline, L’Oreal and Anastasia Beverly Hills.
  4. My favorite lipstick color is a nude pink or burgundy.
  5. I don’t like lip glosses.
  6.  I have very dry skin.
  7.   I would like to learn special effects makeup.
  8.  My go to makeup is a no makeup, makeup look.
  9.  I can’t do a wing liner, so I always use Tape, try it.
  10.  My favorite part from makeup is drawing my eyebrows.


                                                                                                         Social Media

  1.   My favorite social media is Twitter, because you can connect with bloggers directly and it’s also a great way of sharing your content.
  2.  I am trying to grow my Instagram, although we all know it’s a slow process.
  3.   My biggest pet peeve is people who follow you waiting for you to follow back and then unfollow you if not. I won’t follow an account that I don’t like, don’t even bother.
  4.   I can’t find my way on Pinterest although I still use it.
  5.   I also use Facebook groups to promote my blog, although sometimes it’s overwhelming.


  1. Grow my social media and blog.
  2.  Start a YouTube channel.
  3.  Go to Paull Mitchell school.
  4.   Stop spending so much money on planners, scrapbook stuff and everything YouTube tells you to by, Lol.


Tell me a little bit about yourself. I love getting to know my readers and new bloggers. Drop your links to any about me pages and social media so we can be friends and chat. Follow me on twitter if you haven’t so we can connect, be on group chats together and support each other. Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll see you around.





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August 2, 2017

August Monthly Goals

I have been debating for the longest time with creating a schedule and sticking to it that I think I am going to set this as my only goal for August. I work a full-time job, have two dogs and a house to keep in place. Now, I know many people have kids, dogs, and a husband and still make it through. I’m just saying it is harder and it will take a lot of my part to make it work.

Now that you know my main goal is going to be scheduling I’ll list a few more I plan and hope to reach this month.


·      Schedule posts ahead. (Main Goal)

·      Post on social media every day.

·      Grow my Twitter following.

·      Engage more with bloggers on Twitter.

·      Keep the house clean (one of the hardest)

·      Save a budget for work clothes. (I need new uniforms, already bought shoes [checked])

·      Promote my blog every day.

·      Write posts ahead of time.

·      Stay organized.

·      Accomplish everything mentioned above. (LOL)

As you can see my goals for this month are related to my blog and that is because I am very lazy when it comes to writing, scheduling, taking pictures and editing. Once I start writing a post I get another idea for another one (just what happened with this one) and I stop writing and start a new post. Leaving the one before unfinished. When I take pictures, I don’t edit them until days after and that is something I want to work on. I want to start something and finish it before jumping into a new one.

I recently am working on a blog binder where I plan to keep all my blog ideas and stuff in hopes that it keeps me organized. I really want to take my blog to the next level, so this month I am going to work harder to keep everything in place and grow my following.

Okay, so with a new planner and binder in hand I hope I can accomplish all these goals and take my blog to the next level. I do enjoy writing and creating content it’s just the extras that throw’s me off, plus my ADD makes it even harder. Let me know what are your goals/ plans for this month or what are you working on currently.





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June 5, 2017

22 things I am grateful for. + Birthday Photos

It’sssssssss my birthdayyyyyy !  (Spanish Version. Scroll down for English Version) 

Para los que no me conocen o es la primera vez que visitan, de echo gracias, soy maquillista profesional y “blogger” cree este espacio hace un año y aquí comparto todo desde maquillaje hasta tips de como crear tu blog. Nací y me crié en Puerto Rico, pero hace ocho meses decidí dar el salto y mudarme para San Diego, California, que también ha sido increíble. 

Hoy estoy de cumpleaños y el primero lejos de mi familia y amistades. Después de sentirme un poco rara o quizás triste por que no tengo mis seres queridos decidí, mientras preparaba mi bullet journal, que en vez de estar triste debía escribir 22 razones por las cuales estaba agradecida de este ultimo año. Eso hice y aquí las comparto con ustedes.


  1. Mi familia por su amor y apoyo incondicional.
  2. Mi novia por muchas cosas que no me da el espacio aquí, pero gracias, Te amo.
  3. Mis amistades por siempre cuidarme la espalda.
  4. Mis amistades nuevas por su amabilidad y atenciones para conmigo.
  5. Mi familia de CCF por aceptarme entre ellos. 
  6. Mi trabajo por darme la oportunidad de transferirme.
  7. Mi promoción como bartender.
  8. Mis perrijos Sofía y Gonzalo por acompañarme SIEMPRE.
  9. Mi carro, pude comprar mi primer carro a mi nombre.
  10. Mis lectores, por siempre leerme y apoyar. 
  11. Mis colaboradores, por tener interés y confiar en mi. 
  12. Mi graduación de bachillerato.
  13. Mi nuevo apartamento
  14. Poder regresar a mi isla de Visita.
  15. Mi sobrino que viene en camino.
  16. La oportunidad de participar en San Diego 48 Hour Film.
  17. Poder ver a mis amigas nuevamente.
  18. Haber trabajado como embajadora de Urban Decay Cosmetics.
  19. De ser bendecida.
  20. Estoy agradecida con todas las personas que han aportado en el blog.
  21. Mi blog, que sin duda alguna me ha abierto puertas.
  22. Con Dios por todo esto que ya mencione y por que siempre me sigue bendiciendo. 


Definitivamente escribir esto me hace  reflexionar muchas cosas y darme cuenta de todo lo que tengo y he logrado. Mis 22 años han sido de mucho fruto, aprendizaje y crecimiento. Sobre pase pruebas que nunca imagine y obtuve cosas que a mi corta edad jamas pensé. Le doy infinitas gracias a Dios y a mi papá por hacerme una guerrera y por siempre apoyarme y dirigirme. Estoy sumamente orgullosa de donde estoy ahora mismo y de todo lo que he logrado. Infinitas gracias a los que me han brindado su brazo, pierna, sonrisa, palabras de aliento para seguir. Hasta luego queridos veintidós, que bueno fuiste, pero ya le toca a los veintitrés, que mucho trabajo tienen.

Un beso. 


It’s My Birthdayyyy !!!! ( English Version) 

For those who don’t know me or this is the first time you visit, thank you btw, I’m a makeup artist and blogger. I created this space to share everything I love about makeup, blogging, travel and some personal stuff, like this post. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but eight months ago I moved to San Diego, California. 


Today is my 23rd birthday and I was feeling a little sad these past few days. It is my first birthday away from home, family, and friends and I was kind of missing them. As I was planning my bullet journal for the month of June I decided that instead of being sad I was going to write down 22 things I was grateful this past year. After I was done, I thought it would be nice to incorporate them into a post and let you guys know a little bit more about myself. Her it goes…


  1. My family for their unconditional love and support.
  2. Mi girlfriend for a lot of things I can’t cover on this post. Thank you, I love you.
  3. My friends for always having my back.
  4. My new friends for their love and kindness.
  5. My CCF family.
  6. My job for letting me transfer.
  7.  My bartender promotion.
  8. My dogs Sofía and Gonzalo for always keeping me company. 
  9. I bought my first car.
  10. My readers.
  11. My collaborators, for having interest and believing in me.
  12. My BA graduation.
  13. My new apartment.
  14. For being able to go back home and visit.
  15. My nephew that’s on his way.
  16. Being able to be part of San Diego’s 48 Hour Short Film.
  17. Being able to see my friends again soon.
  18. The opportunity Urban Decay gave me to work with them.
  19. Being so Blessed.
  20. I’m grateful for everyone that has helped one way or the other with the blog.
  21. My blog for opening so many doors.
  22. God, because without him none of this would be possible. 


I never imagined that at age 22 I would have my own car, my own place, moved so far from home, have a bachelor and be a bartender. Honestly, I never thought I would ever get the hang of the bar. I am forever grateful for all the opportunities my job has given me. I am also very grateful that my blog is starting to grow and collaborators are reaching up to me. It feels amazing looking back and seeing all these things I’ve accomplished at such a short age. Thank you to all those who have been on this ride with me. 

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April 28, 2017

27 Random Things About Me

I’m trying to switch things up a little bit on the blog. So I decided to incorporate more personal stuff. This time I thought it would be nice to share with you some random facts about myself. So here it goes. 

I Hate olives, How they look and smell.

I hate snakes. I can’t even see them on a picture. 

I love sushi and pizza. I eat them almost every day. 

I can’t be w/o my acrylic nails. 

I used to have red hair, which I love.

I’m asthmatic and can’t stand smoke smell. 

I have two dogs.

I’m a bartender.

I don’t like beer nor do I drink Coffee. 

My favorite drink is vodka with pineapple and Baileys on the rocks.

I’m starting to like wine.

I’m 22.

I’m Puertorrican but I live in San Diego.

I studied french, but I forgot lol.

I like to write, just on the computer. 

I have ADD. I can’t pay attention for that long.

Most of the time I’m clueless.

I don’t like pique or salsa.

My perfect day would be out in the woods or a park reading a nice book.

My favorite authors are Elizabeth Benavent and Federico Moccia. 

My favorite book is “Perdona si te llamo amor” by Federico M.

My favorite social media is twitter.

My first hike was at age 22.

I have a certificate as a makeup artist.

I’m a compulsive makeup buyer/ hoarder. ( which Im trying to change) 

I wear more sneakers than sandals.

Food makes me happy.


Odio el sabor y olor de las aceitunas.

Odio las culebras. No las puedo ver ni siquiera en fotos. 

Amo el sushi y la pizza. Los puedo comet  todos los días. 

No puedo estar sin mis unas acrílicas. 

Tenía el pelo rojo y me encantaba. 

Soy asmática y no soporto el olor a humo. 

Tengo dos perros. 

Soy bartender. 

No me gusta la cerveza y tampoco el cafe.

Mi bebida favorita es el vodka con pina y el Baileys. 

Me esta comenzando a gustar el vino. 

Tengo 22 años.

Soy Puertorriqueña pero vivo en San Diego.

Estudié Francés pero se me olvido. (emoji de carita sonriendo boca abajo ) 

Me gusta escribir, pero solo en la computadora.

Tengo ADD. No puedo prestar atención por mucho tiempo. 

La mayor parte del tiempo estoy despistada. 

No me gusta el pique o la salsa. 

Mi dia perfecto seria en el campo o parque leyendo un buen libro.

Mis autores favoritos son Elizabeth Benavent y Federico Moccia.

Mi libro favorito es “Perdona si te llamo amor” por Federico M.

Mi red social favorita es Twitter.

Mi primer “hike” fue a los 22.

Tengo un certificado como maquillista. 

Soy una compradora compulsiva de maquillajes e intento mejorar eso. 

Uso mas tennis que sandalias. 

La comida me hace feliz.








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April 19, 2017

Life Update + Work Promotion + Picture Diary

Life has been a little hectic lately, from the excitement of the World Baseball Classic to the nerve-racking experience of getting promoted and learning something completely new. March has been all over the place, my schedule changed, my responsibilities at work increased, I neglected social media and I had little sleep. Now that April arrived things are more settle, my blogging and sleeping schedule went back to normal. My eating schedule not so much. But overall life is falling back into place, for now. Now that I have more time for myself I decided to sit down and put you guys up to date.

Mi vida ha estado un poco caótica este último mes. Desde la emoción del Clásico Mundial de Beisbol hasta los nervios de subir de posición en el trabajo. Marzo ha estado un poco ajetreado, mi horario cambió, las responsabilidades en el trabajo aumentaron y las horas de trabajo también. Descuidé las redes sociales, el blog y el cansancio se apoderó de mi. Ya que estamos en abril las cosas van mejorando, mi rutina de sueño volvió a lo normal y mi horario y agenda de postear en el blog también. Todo va cayendo poco a poco en su sitio, por ahora, y ya que tengo un poco mas de tiempo para mi decidí sentarme y ponerlos al tanto. 

World Baseball Classic.
For us back home, Puerto Rico, sports are a big thing. It unites us as a family and as a country and we feel hella’ proud of our athletes and accomplishments. The World Baseball Classic was no exception. We lost against the USA undefeated, but yet we won so much more. The whole country was united, everyone gathered to watch the games, crimes were reduced, all the news paper headlines where talking about the game and it was the best three weeks for my little Island. I got the opportunity to watch three of the games and it was a life experience. We cheered the whole game and had a blast. 

Para nosotros los puertorriqueños los deportes son sumamente importantes, a nivel que dejamos de hacer cosas importantes y buscamos la manera de reunirnos con amistades y familia para ver los juegos. El Clásico Mundial de Beisbol no fue la excepción. El juego fue transmitido en todas partes de la isla, en los centros comerciales, barras, y hasta el estadio de pelota se lleno de gente que se reunió para verlo y compartir. Comenzaron esta moda de pintarse el pelo rubio y aunque al principio nadie entendía y hasta parecía ridículo, todos se contagiaron y se unieron a esta moda en forma de apoyo. La edad no era un problema, pues hasta los pequeños lo estaban haciendo. El tinte mucho menos, la tia, vecina, prima, el barbero de pueblo o quien fuera se prestaba para cambiar de color la cabellera de muchos. La música y la algarabía no cesaba tras cada victoria y cada ves eran más banderas alrededor del caribe las que hondeaban con orgullo y entusiasmo. 

Tuve la oportunidad de asistir a tres de los juegos, ya que vivo en San Diego, y es una experiencia que llevare conmigo el resto de mis días. La emoción y el orgullo se me desbordaba por los poros y la sonrisa le daba vuelta a la cabeza. Cambié turnos en el trabajo para poder asistir, perdí la voz de tanto gritar y cantar, conocí amistades nuevas y sin duda alguna tuve la experiencia de la vida, Gracias. 

Llegamos a la final invictos y perdimos contra Estados Unidos, pero solo perdimos un trofeo, por que ganamos otra victoria. Ganamos unir un pueblo, ganamos ser la inspiración para muchos, ganamos amor y cariño. Logramos bajar la criminalidad por esas semanas y cambiar los titulares de los periódicos a mensajes positivos. Ganamos muchas otras cosas mas que un simple trofeo, ganamos alegría y vida. 

Work Promotion

I work as a server in a restaurant and last month I got promoted to bartender. I’ve never been one so it was twice as hard and challenging. It was so hard I can’t even explain. Learning recipes and remembering a bunch of stuff and prep measurements and counts it’s not even funny. So far I like it and that’s what matters. It’s a lot of work and it’s very tiring, but you’re apart from everyone and no one bothers you. So far so good and Im looking forward to learning more stuff and growing with the company. 

This past month has been a roller coaster.  So many things have changed and so many other are going to change in the next few months. Im looking forward to the future and getting our own place. Which I’ll update you guys soon too. With nothing else to say, thank you for staying around. It means a lot. 

Después de trabajar para la compañía por ocho meses y transferirme de Puerto Rico a San Diego, me ofrecieron la posición de bartender. Nunca antes había sido bartender, pero aun así acepté el reto, y que reto. Fue una semana de entrenamiento intenso, unas cuantas recetas por aprender, una barra que conocer y unos conteos que dominar. Durante esa semana no tuve vida, estudiando y trabajando, sobre todo intentando memorizar todo aquello. Después de unos cuantos errores, de virar jugos y syrups por todos lados y batallar con la memoria de Dory que tengo, ya le voy cogiendo el piso, como decimos allá.

Ya corro la barra sola, hago el prep, atiendo los invitados que se sientan en el tope y atiendo el “service bar” de los meseros. Definitivamente es un reto bastante grande, abrumador y tedioso para alguien que nunca ha estado en esa posición, pero no me arrepiento y definitivamente ha sido un proceso de mucho aprendizaje laboral y personal. Aunque aun me falta mucho por aprender, vamos por buen camino y al final del día siempre estoy agradecida por la oportunidad. 

Dejando un poco la “babosería” a un lado, ya todo vuelve a la normalidad, ya vuelvo a postear mas a menudo y espero mantenerme así. El mes que viene me mudo y pronto viajare a Puerto Rico, asi que, espero mantenerme organizada para no abandonarlos y mantenerlos informados. Gracias como siempre por leer y mantenerse al tanto. 

Un beso.

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February 24, 2017

My Journey Through Blogging.

After a year and a half of blogging, I decided to share everything I’ve gone through with my blog. From the moment I started it, why I started it and why, to this day, I sometimes feel I want to quit. It hasn’t been easy, especially when there’s no school for bloggers, degree or course that’ll tell you word by word how to start, run and earn money from a blog.

This post was written and published on February 2017, but after feeling very overwhelmed this days, sad and having that same quitting thought in mind, I decided to revise it, update the photos and content on it. Fast forwarding from February to this day, I want to share my experience as a blogger and everything that comes with it.

I started blogging a year and a half ago when somehow, I found myself searching through Bloglovin, a social media for bloggers. I fell in love with the blogger atmosphere, with having and running your own website, with creating content and sharing everything you know. I entered every day and spent the longest time reading and searching for new blogs, I even had my favorites. The more I spent on reading beauty and lifestyle blogs, the more I started wanting to create my own. I did not know how to start a blog, how to create one, how to add gadgets, widgets or plugins. I did not know the difference between platforms. I did not know how to promote your content, gain followers and be successful.

Everyone I came across was using WordPress as their platform and as a newbie, and having no clue, I decided to open an account on WordPress. I stetted up everything as I could. I watched tons of YouTube videos and I launched what I thought was a blog.

I launched my blog under as a makeup blog. I chose Dear Makeup because I wanted to give the impression of a makeup artist writing letters full of information and knowledge to her readers. The readers never came and after a while I wanted to share more personal stuff that didn’t just fit under the name Dear Makeup.

I spent a long time reading blogs, but ironically, I didn’t research how to start one, which now I think it was very dumb from myself. My design was very far from perfect, I wasn’t happy with my blog, I ran out of space to upload, I barely understood the platform and I started taking steps back and feeling overwhelmed.

Changing Platforms

The drop that filled up the glass was that I ran out of space to upload content on WordPress. If I wanted to upgrade I had to pay almost, if not, $200 yearly to have my blog running. At the time and to this day, paying $200 on the spot is too much money. I would’ve stayed in WordPress if they had a monthly membership.

I don’t know how I found out about Squarespace, but I did. I didn’t do that much research either. I just noticed they had a monthly plan with unlimited space to upload, so I signed up. The good news is that it is very user friendly. They have video tutorials on how to do almost everything and if you still have doubt, you can reach out to them and they respond almost immediately. They have excellent customer service. I only had to reach out to them once and they answered all my questions, plus guide me through everything via pictures, links and videos.

This is not sponsored by Squarespace, btw, but I mention this because, unlike me, you should do research before you sing up with a platform and great and fast customer service is a must. I managed to build up my website in no time. At first, I linked Squarespace to WordPress because I didn’t want to lose all my old content and because I had a domain bought from WordPress. After a while I canceled completely WP and bought my own domain with Squarespace. Princess Miiaa was born. Luckily, I did not lose my content or anything from the website.

Getting Noticed

Wow! I feel that before starting to create the actual website, you should read the most you can on how to promote your content and drive traffic to your blog. When I started mine, I just hit publish and hoped for people to come across it. I wanted to get noticed, but yet I was embarrassed and ashamed of my friends and family seeing it. I only promoted, or tried to promote, I must say, on Instagram. And now I look back and think how wrong I was and how wrong many people are.


When you start your blog, immediately create a Pinterest account, set it up for business and rich pins. Sheila from In search of Sheila has excellent content on how to drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest. Krista Aoki has an excellent eBook on the same topic + a list of hundreds of group boards you can join.

A quick tip on getting noticed once you start a blog would be to pick to social media platforms and go from there. It takes a lot of time and engaging to create a following, so having too many accounts at once can be overwhelming and unsuccessful.

Wanting to quit

If my struggle is not clear, there was a time where I felt unmotivated, but who wouldn’t. I moved to San Diego out of nowhere, I stopped blogging and I couldn’t find inspiration anywhere. I didn’t like my blog and wasn’t getting any traffic. I wasn’t improving my photography, had no light in my old apartment or space to shoot and couldn’t decorate my flat lays either. One day I woke up and decided to get back at it. Came across Squarespace and started changing everything.

Why I do it.

Because I love sharing my knowledge and passion for beauty and makeup. I love writing and creating content. My mission with this blog is to give you the tools and strategies to feel and look beautiful under a budget. After re-branding, writing content here and there and trying to find what it is that I want to make an impact on or share to the world, I feel the need to share how you can create different types of makeup looks and take care of your skin under a budget. On this same blog, you’ll find useful introductory information to makeup, how to use it, what is it for, which one to buy and how to create beautiful looks without being a Pro. Along with it, I like to share my personal experience on how I started this journey and other things that I like. You’ll find a makeup section, a skincare section and a lifestyle section. Each with great valuable content.

What to learn from this post?

1.     My number one HAS to be DON’T GIVE UP. Dreams are just dreams until you make them real.

2.     GO FOR IT. Whatever it is that you love in live, go for it.

3.     Be passionate. If you’re not passionate about something, you won’t be dedicated enough.

4.     With failure comes success. Even the richest person on this planet has gone through failure. I mean, how are you going to know what’s best if you don’t experience the worst.

5.     Be proud of yourself. Don’t be insecure or ashamed, like I was, for creating or doing something that you like.

6.     Be consistent. When you step on social media you have to be consistent in order to make a presence and gain trust from your readers/followers.

Although my blog’s focuse is on beauty and makeup, I like to share some personal and lifestyle posts as well. I do this because I want to share a part of me with you, build a relationship and hopefuly find people that would learn from this and feel inspired. Have you gone through something similar? Do you still struggle with some of these things? If you have any questions on anything mentioned here please hit reply. I would love to get to know you and help you in some way. For more day to day content and for a sneak peak of my life follow me on social media. I love discovering new accounts and meeting new people. 

Thanks for reading. 








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January 24, 2017

New Year Life Update

Hi Dolls! I’m actually very excited to write this and share with all of you what’s been going on lately. Why I have been MIA and why I haven’t been active here that much. 

I MOVED TO SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA! I know right, crazzzyyy! It wasn’t even planed or it was, but not for until January 2017. I moved from Puerto Rico all the way to California. It was an exhausting 12 hour flight across the country trying to keep Sofia, my chihuahua, calm. Because, of course, I brought my baby with me. 

Luckily I transferred from my job and I already had a place to stay. Although the two most important factors where figured out, it still wasn’t that easy. The adapting part, like it was expected, was a little hard, but just a little. Even though I still work for the same company, things over here don’t run the same way, so trying to get used to it was a little challenging. 

The weather here is crazy and by crazy I mean all over the place. The lowest temperature I had experienced in my life, living in a tropical island, was 79, so coming to a temperature of 60 degrees caught me a little off guard. Not mentioning when It went down to 40 degrees in December. (Insert emoji smiling upside down) I think I don’t have to say I am freezing, but then again it’s a love and hate relationship with the weather. I’d rather wear two socks, long sleeve, coat and boots than shorts and tank top and be sweating just by breathing. 

I’ve got my very own car. One of my biggest and most exciting accomplishments. I got lucky again and got a very good deal and we didn’t spend the whole day running around from dealer to dealer like people usually do. 

Cali has treated me in a way I can’t complain. I’ve learned so many new things, Mexican words and sayings. I’ve discovered new places, I went hiking for the first time, tried Mexican Coca-Cola and authentic tacos and tamales. 

It’s been a crazy journey, but I’ve been loving every single part of it. Cali has taught me so much and has so much to teach me yet that I can’t wait. 

Now, blog wise I’ve been a little distant, because were I am now I don’t have the same space I used to have back home. With all this process I haven’t been feeling myself and although, I blogged for a little when a first moved, something was not right. So, I decided to stop and wait for the right time, which I feel is now. I’ve missed writing and sharing with you guys so, I hope I can do so more often. 

I’ve been thinking to change a little the content of the blog and by this I mean I’m thinking in adding sections where I share some life and personal stuff, not just makeup. Although makeup will still be the main topic, I want to let my self out and share with you guys other things like trips or visits I make, life updates and more. 

With all this being said, 20 pound off my shoulder and a satisfied heart, I promised I’ll stay connected and update you guys on everything. Thank you so much for reading and I hope this blog helps you in some kind of way.

-Kisses from the Princess, Miaa



Hola Muñequitas! Escribir esto me pone inmensamente feliz. Ya se que he estado un poco perdida, pero es que ha habido muchos cambios en mi vida personal. 

Me mudé para San Diego, California. Lo sé, estoy  a 12 horas de vuelo de casa, dos aviones y cuatro horas de diferencia. Estaba en mis planes mudarme, pero no hasta enero de 2017. Todo pasó muy rápido, un día me levanté y decidí irme. 

Tuve la suerte de poder transferirme de trabajo y de tener un lugar donde llegar. Aunque los dos factores mas importantes estaban resueltos, casa y trabajo, se me hizo un poco difícil. Seguía trabajando para la misma compañía, pero claro, en otro lugar. Así que, me costó un poco de trabajo adaptarme. 

El clima acá es bipolar. La temperatura mas baja que había experimentado en mi vida era 79 grados, así que, llegar a una temperatura de 60 grados fue demasiado para mi. Sin mencionar que cuando bajó a 40 grados en diciembre por poco me devuelvo. Le tengo un amor y odio a este clima y es que, aunque haga frío, prefiero ponerme dos medias, una camisa de manga larga, un abrigo y botas a ponerme unos pantalones cortos, camisa y estar sudando con tan solo respirar. 

Compre mi propio carro. Es uno de los acontecimientos mas importante y emocionante de mi vida. Jamás imagine tener mi propio carro a esta edad y mucho menos a mi nombre. Tuve buena suerte y gracias a Dios no tuve que andar de lado a lado todo un día como mayormente pasa. 

Cali me ha tratado de maravilla. He conocido mucha gente y aprendido palabras nuevas. Comí tacos y tamales auténticos, visité Tijuana y fui “hiking” por primera vez. Descubrí una saga nueva de libros y una autora que me enamoró. Ya como un poco de pique o salsa como le llaman los mexicanos. Soy feliz con 60 grados pero no con 50. Me ha costado acostumbrarme que a las 5 de la tarde no son las 10, por lo oscuro que se pone y que a las 9 de la noche ya es la 1 de la mañana en Puerto Rico. Tuve unos 16 mil intentos fallidos en aprender “standard”, dos en el examen de conducir y  entender que la calle ya no se cruza por cualquier lado me costó un tiempo. Siri se ha vuelto mi mejor amiga, a veces, y viajar por la 805 sur sin llegar a México me da un poco de miedo. Cali, me ha enseñado bastante y aún me queda mas por aprender. Ha sido una montaña rusa, pero sin duda alguna me montaría otra vez. 

En cuanto al blog, estuve distante por que acá ya no tengo el espacio que tenía antes, ni la modelo para maquillarla. La musa se fue de vacaciones y yo aproveche y me fui con ella. He extrañado escribir y compartir con ustedes todo lo que pienso y descubro, así que, espero estar de vuelta para bien y no desaparecerme mas. Quiero estar más en contacto con ustedes y que me pregunten o consulten lo que quieran. 

He pensado cambiar el nombre del blog, pero aún no se. Lo que sí estoy segura es que el contenido cambiará. Quiero escribir o hacer una sección personal en donde pueda compartirles mas sobre mi experiencia acá, cuando vaya de vista a la isla y esas cosas. Quiero hablar también de productos del cuidado de la piel, del pelo o quizás de algún esmalte que me guste. 

Espero poder organizarme y sacar el tiempo para ello. Espero aún mas no volver a dejar de escribir por tanto tiempo. Gracias por leer y compartir. La Princessa esta de vuelta.

-Kisses from the Princess, Miaa.