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December 23, 2017

2017 Year In Review

Writing this post gives me chills. I can’t believe another year goes by and I also can’t believe it is my second Christmas in California. I really hope this year is better. Last year was kind of sad and lonely. By this time last year, I was moving to California, starting a new job and had no friends. I was missing my family and had nowhere to spend Christmas. But anyway, 2017 was a good one, full of emotions, growth and new beginnings. So, I am very excited for the new years and for the new goals to tackle.

I really love round-up posts in general, whether they’re monthly round-up posts, beauty round-up posts or anything personal. Just call me nosy AF. I know, sorry. So, this year I am very excited to write my own and share with you guys some of the most important dates and accomplishments of this year. I’ll divide it by months, only the relevant ones, and will mention what happened, did or accomplished during that month.

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December 4, 2017

2017 Holiday Wish List + Gift guide

Hey, Dolls! On last week’s post, I talked about how to shop for beauty products and I also included a holiday shopping list. As of today, I wanted to write or share with you my holiday shopping list. Some of them are included in my gift guide, so you already know, and if you don’t make sure to download it for free. There are some great deals too, so grab a snack and continue reading.

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October 4, 2017

Why I left social media.

Hey, Dolls!

I had a completely different post planned for today, but things have been a little hectic lately and I just wanted to get here, let everything out and kind of chit-chat. This is a more personal post and although I mostly share beauty related content, I also like personal posts that reveal the true identity of the writer. I love reading these, so I hope you enjoy this one.

If you haven’t read my about me, go and check it out. But for now, I’ll tell you, if you don’t know it already, I am Puerto Rican. And if you don’t know it either, hurricane María hit the island on September 19th. It was a category 5 hurricane and Puerto Rico had not experienced a hurricane of that magnitude since almost two decades. The results were devastating. Many people lost their homes, they lost communication, supplies, and electricity. People died trying to save others and some died from illness and lack of med or supplies for their condition.

Why am I bringing this up or what does it have to do with social media?

After hurricane Maria passed I could not communicate with my family or friends. I was stressed, desperate and needed some time to heal. Logging into social media only made my situation worse. Seeing all this chaos, how the island was left, everyone suffering, not knowing if their families were okay, was overwhelming, but most of all, heartbreaking.


I was lucky enough to speak with my dad and grandmother the day after hurricane María passed, but I had no news from my mom. It was hard to wake up every morning, go to work and deal with everyone asking how was I doing and how was my family doing. I put on a fake smile and said, “they’re okay, thank you”. It’s hard to deal with this, it’s hard to be reminded every day at all times of your family, the chaos they’re living in and the situation happening back home. It is hard to continue with your life even though you have no clue of how your family is doing, or if they’re okay. Don’t get me wrong, I know they wanted to make sure I was okay, but being reminded every day of the situation was not the ideal way of making sure I was okay, or wanting me to. I even posted a status on Facebook that I was not ready to talk about it, yet I dealt with it every day. Then again, I understand they are looking after me, but I needed time to heal, I needed time for myself, I needed time to get emotionally stable again.  

Social media was making me worse. All the news on the situation back home, the despiteful comments from the president and other Americans, people begging for help and not being listened to, people worried about their families, pictures, and videos were making me cry every single time. I had to leave social media, so I left.

I have never felt this way before. It is frustration, sadness, impotence, but most of all I felt scared and hurt. I felt scared not knowing how my mom and grandmother were doing. I felt hurt that my little place of heaven and gold was destroyed. The place where I was born, the place that watched me grow, the place that made me into the person I am today. I cannot explain how much hurt and sadness I felt. I kept calling my family with no answer in return. I kept hoping and praying they were okay. I burst into tears every time I heard something and every day that passed and I had no answer or call from them.

11 days after hurricane Maria destroyed my island I finally heard my mom. All my fears washed away and a weight was put off my shoulders. I cannot explain the excitement and relief I felt after knowing she was okay. Now I can continue with my life and be the person I was again.

I left social media because it wasn’t healthy for me, I needed time to rest, heal, cry and feel good again. Hearing bad news every day was killing me and I could not bear the idea that my family and friends were suffering. I scheduled pins, tweets, and posts to keep everything going and I left, for good. In the meantime, I worked on new content, pictures and ideas for the blog. It really helped me to get distracted from all this situation and chaos happening back home.

Now I feel renewed, calm and more stable emotionally. Now I can hop on social media for a little bit, not too much yet. I’m still digesting everything that happened, healing and getting better. I do feel more calm and comfortable, although I still don’t like to talk about it. Repeating what happened brings back memories, makes me sick to my stomach and open wounds were not completely healed. My friends and family are still going through a hard time and it still hurts. Little by little I’ll get back up again and I know they will too.

What I learned.

·      Taking a break from social media is okay, besides you don’t owe anything to social media, so take as many breaks as you want.

·      Taking care of yourself is important. If we’re not okay, nothing else can be and nothing else can work or function. If our mind and heart are not in the right place, nothing else makes sense. It is important that we feel comfortable with ourselves before we continue with everything else.

·      Crying is okay. Letting everything out is also okay and sometimes it’s what we need to feel better.

What you should take from this.

·      When someone is suffering, emotionally unstable or having issues it is okay to reach out and let them know you’re there for them, just don’t push it too much. By this I mean it is okay to ask how are they doing, but not every single day or push them to talk to you. Let them know you are there for them whenever they’re ready. We want to hear we have someone for emotional support, what we don’t want is to be reminded every day of the situation we’re in by people always asking. We need time to think, cry and heal. We get that you want to help and we appreciate it, but asking every single day how are we will not help in our healing process.

What I want from this is to let you guys know that I am very grateful for everyone who reached out and was concerned, but I also want you guys to know how the other side feels and in another occasion, just offer to help when they’re ready and let them heal at their own pace.

I want you guys to know that social media can be toxic, so it’s very important that we know how to manage it. It is okay to take a break and it is very important that we take care of ourselves. Have taken a break from social media before? How was it?

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August 10, 2017

50 things you might not know about me.

Every time I tell someone I don’t like chocolate or coffee their immediate reaction is to cringe and ask me where am I from. I mean, I get it but I also cringe at the smell of it or even worse, when you make those combinations of coffee and chocolate I get goosebumps and everything. You’ll flip out when you keep reading and find out what else I don’t like. Lol!

There’s something about “About Me Posts” that I love. I love getting to know the writer, what he/she likes besides writing. I also think it’s a great way of communicating, engaging and knowing each other. Today I decided to gather 50 things about me to help you get to know me better, understand my purpose and my vision of life, how I started in makeup and where my blog heads from now on. I hope you enjoy finding out some weird, but cool things about me.


About Me

  1.  I am 23 years old.
  2.  I was born and raised in Puerto Rico.
  3.  I’m currently living in San Diego, Ca.
  4. I have a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice.  I love to read.
  5. My favorite color is blue.
  6.  My favorite food is pizza and sushi.
  7. I have two dogs. Sofia (Chihuahua) and Gonzalo (Schnauzer).
  8.  I don’t like cheese on the burger or excessive amounts of cheese.
  9.   I don’t like chocolate or coffee. (I know, I’m sorry. Lol)
  10.  I also love makeup, as you can tell.
  11.  I have a sneakers obsession.
  12.  I think I have to say I also love bags and purses too.
  13.  Most of the time I wear black.
  14.   I have so much hair I could make 3 wigs and still have left. Lol (head hair)
  15.  I learned French and I forgot. Lol
  16.  I am currently a Bartender.
  17.  I am obsessed with Teen Mom and HGTV.
  18.  I am also obsessed with planning, planners and scrapbooking.
  19.   My favorite stores are Sephora, Marshalls, Home Goods, Michaels and Hobby Lobby.
  20.  I love the beach and cold weather. I know you can’t go to the beach with cold weather, but that’s just how I am, hahhaha.
  1. About My Blog

  1.  I started my blog a year ago. It was called Dear Makeup and after 8 months I rebranded.
  2.  I changed to Princess Miiaa after having that name on my Instagram account for a while
  3.   I started on WordPress, but changed to Squarespace.
  4.  I love blogging, but what throws me off is proofreading and writing everything twice, in Spanish. I still do it, because it’s my first language.
  5.   I love taking pictures.
  6. Editing kind of throws me off too, but it’s worth it when I see the final result.
  7. I would like to monetize, who doesn’t, but the struggle is real.
  8.  I procrastinate way too much, although I’m working on this.
  9.  For now, I blog, because I like it and I want to. I love having a place where I can share everything I know.

About Makeup

  1.  I started doing makeup at age 13.
  2. I took 2 makeup courses.
  3. My favorite makeup brands are Morphe, Maybelline, L’Oreal and Anastasia Beverly Hills.
  4. My favorite lipstick color is a nude pink or burgundy.
  5. I don’t like lip glosses.
  6.  I have very dry skin.
  7.   I would like to learn special effects makeup.
  8.  My go to makeup is a no makeup, makeup look.
  9.  I can’t do a wing liner, so I always use Tape, try it.
  10.  My favorite part from makeup is drawing my eyebrows.


                                                                                                         Social Media

  1.   My favorite social media is Twitter, because you can connect with bloggers directly and it’s also a great way of sharing your content.
  2.  I am trying to grow my Instagram, although we all know it’s a slow process.
  3.   My biggest pet peeve is people who follow you waiting for you to follow back and then unfollow you if not. I won’t follow an account that I don’t like, don’t even bother.
  4.   I can’t find my way on Pinterest although I still use it.
  5.   I also use Facebook groups to promote my blog, although sometimes it’s overwhelming.


  1. Grow my social media and blog.
  2.  Start a YouTube channel.
  3.  Go to Paull Mitchell school.
  4.   Stop spending so much money on planners, scrapbook stuff and everything YouTube tells you to by, Lol.


Tell me a little bit about yourself. I love getting to know my readers and new bloggers. Drop your links to any about me pages and social media so we can be friends and chat. Follow me on twitter if you haven’t so we can connect, be on group chats together and support each other. Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll see you around.





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August 8, 2017

What Makeup Has Taught Me

Version español

Desde que tenía trece o catorce años comencé a jugar con el maquillaje. Como la mayoría, compraba los maquillajes en la farmacia, pues no tenía el dinero para gastar en maquillajes más costosos, además de que en Puerto Rico aún no había un Sephora. No tenía nadie que me enseñara y ni sabía de la existencia de YouTube. Con el pasar del tiempo fui aprendiendo una que otra cosa. Lamentablemente ninguna de ellas fue pintarme las cejas, sellar el corrector o hacerme un buen delineado de ojos.


No fue hasta segundo año de universidad, todavía seguía sin sellar el corrector y ni hablemos del delineador, que comienzo a ver YouTube y a conocer el mundo del maquillaje un poco más a fondo. Tome un curso básico de maquillaje y luego unas clases profesionales. Tuve l oportunidad de maquillar también para eventos y pasarelas.


Ya que llevo unos años en la industria del maquillaje, como muchos, tengo mi propio estilo, mis favoritos y mi propia manera de ver y hacer las cosas. No sigo todas las tendencias del maquillaje ni utilizo todas las técnicas. Después de practicar, conocer y ver que me gusta, soy selectiva con lo que compro, uso y como me maquillo.


El propósito de este escrito es compartir con ustedes aquellas cosas que he aprendido sobre el maquillaje a través del tiempo, de algunos errores y de los 1,500 videos que he visto en YouTube.


Sobre el Rostro

·      Debes conocer tu tipo de rostro y piel antes de comprar cualquier producto de maquillaje.

·      Las cejas son el marco del rostro. Debes llevarlas rellenas siempre.

·      Debes proteger el rostro y prepararlo antes de aplicar cualquier producto. El maquillaje te durará más tiempo y tu rostro te lo agradecerá.

·      Debes remover el maquillaje en su totalidad todas las noches.


Sobre el maquillaje

·      Al igual que los libros, no los juzgues por su portada.

·      NO necesitas todas las paletas de sombras en tu colección. Elige una que sea versátil y puedas crear “looks” para el día y la noche.

·      Antes de comprar maquillaje, piensa si lo necesitas, como lo usarías y si ya lo tienes o tienes uno parecido. El maquillaje a veces puede ser una inversión y otras una lujuria.

·      No todas las tendencias le van a todo el mundo. Tampoco tienes que tratarlas todas. Muchas veces gastamos dinero demás, porque salió algo nuevo al mercado y la mayoría de las veces ni lo necesitamos.

·      No te dejes llevar por todo lo que las “youtubers” digan. No es que no tengan credibilidad, pero recuerda que el maquillaje del cual hablan es regalado o le pagaron por hablar del mismo. No tiene nada malo, pero nos envolvemos y queremos todo lo que ellas tienen solo porque dicen que es bueno o les funciona.

·      Las brochas tienen más de un uso, se creativa.


En lo personal

·      Maquíllate para ti. No dejes que nadie te cohíba o te diga cómo hacerlo. 

·      El maquillaje no tiene reglas. Haz lo que quieras, usa tu creatividad.

·      No critiques ni te burles, tampoco dejes que hagan lo mismo contigo. Aprende, ayuda y enseña.

·      El maquillaje no hace a una mujer insegura. El que te maquilles no quiere decir que eres inconforme contigo misma. El maquillaje es un arte y si lo tienes y puedes hacerlo, HAZLO.

·      Diviértete.


No me quiero despedir sin antes decirles que la práctica sí hace la perfección, que si no te sale busca una manera más fácil de hacerlo, que no todo le queda bien a todo el mundo, no todas las tendencias se siguen y si quieres resaltar, debes ser tú.



English Version

I started playing with makeup since I was thirteen because I belonged to a group of baton twirling. Like most people, or at least the ones I knew, I bought makeup from the drugstore, since clearly, I had no money to buy high-end makeup. Plus, I think a thirteen-year-old doesn’t need makeup that expensive, yet. I didn’t have anyone to teach me nor I knew the existence of YouTube. As time went by I learned a few things on my own, sadly, none of them were drawing my eyebrows, setting my concealer or drawing a cat eye.

It wasn’t until my sophomore year in college that I started getting more into makeup and YouTube. I took a basic makeup course that taught you how to do their own makeup, luckily by this time I knew, so, I just learned how to set my concealer and cover my dark circles with my foundation. A few months later I took a pro makeup course in which I learned a bunch of new techniques, I met amazing people from the industry and it even opened new doors for me.

I’ve been in the makeup industry for quite some time now and after years of practice, attending makeup courses, experiencing new techniques and makeup, I have my own way of viewing and doing things. I have discovered my style, preferences, and favorites which have made me very selective when it comes to buying new makeup or very perfectionist when applying it.

The purpose of this post is to share with you what I’ve learned throughout the years, some mistakes and 1,500 YouTube videos.


About the Face:

·      You must know your skin type and shape before buying any makeup product.

·      Eyebrows are the frame of the face. You must have them shaped at all times.

·      You should protect and prepare your face before applying makeup. Use a moisturizer and prime your face before. It’ll help your makeup stay longer.

·      You must remove your makeup every night, wash your face and hydrate.

·      Skin Care is the MOST important thing out of everything that involves taking care of you. Take care of your skin and everything else will fall in place


About Makeup:

·      Just like books, don’t judge them by its cover.

·      You don’t need every makeup palette on the market. Find one that you truly like and can create any makeup look with.

·      Before buying new makeup, think if you need it, how will you use it, and if you have one similar. There’s a thin line between buying makeup and spending money on makeup if that makes sense.

·      Not all makeup tendencies look good on everyone or are favorable to everyone. You don’t have to follow a tendency just because it’s in. Create your own style and be different.

·      Don’t get carried away with everything that “YouTubers” say. I’m not saying they are not credible but remember they’re sent makeup for free and sometimes they get paid to talk about it.


What I’ve learned personally:

·      Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t wear that much makeup or makeup at all. Wear makeup how you want to and because you want to.

·      There are no rules in makeup. Do what you want, be creative.

·      Wearing makeup DOES NOT mean you are insecure or hiding something. Makeup is not for certain people or for people with skin problems. Makeup is for everyone, if you have the ability and creativity, do it.

·      Have fun.

This rounds up this post. I don’t want to leave without saying that practice does make perfect. You weren’t born walking, right? Well, you weren’t born knowing how to do a wing liner either. Practice every day until you get better. Don’t let anyone bring you down. If you like it do it, have fun and be creative.

Let me know what have you learned through makeup or what’s your biggest concern. For makeup looks check out my personal Instagram and let me know what you think.

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August 4, 2017

3 things bloggers struggle with and how to fix them.


3 things bloggers struggle with and how to deal with them.


90% of the posts out there are about how to start a blog, how to drive traffic or how to create content. But, have you ever thought that no one ever talks about the struggle behind the scenes. All I read is “I’ve been there”, but no one explains in detail how was it or how to overcome it.


What you’ll read next is some of the common things I struggle as a blogger and how I manage to stay on track. It may look like a little rant, but my purpose here is to let you know that I HAVE BEEN THERE AND SOMETIMES I STILL AM.  I’ll show you how I deal with some of my blogging pet peeves.


Coming up with new content

This is one of the biggest things bloggers struggle with, Bloggers block. The thing is, after a while, you ran out of ideas and you think you have written about every possible topic.

To avoid this:

·      Always have a notebook or your phone to write down any new idea that comes into your mind.  

·      Brainstorm and jot down the topics or sub topics you want to include in your post. It’ll make it easier to develop the post later on.

·      Once you start writing, take breaks, read and proofread what you already wrote. Sometimes, and it happens to me all the time, you just lose track of what you are writing. Take a break and come back. You’ll have more ideas and a fresh mind to create good content.


If it happens, the bloggers block:

·      Go through old posts and see if you can write a second part or re-write them.

·      Write about yourself, things readers don’t know, a number of things about you or a lifestyle update. It is always nice to bond and get to know the writer. Maybe you’ll find people that relate to you and even make friends.

·      Edit old posts, change headers or pictures. Promote them and gain even more traffic.



Proofreading is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to blogging. Why? Because you have to read and read and read as many times as you can to catch any errors, correct sentences, and information, delete others that don’t make sense and so on. In my case, It’s even more overwhelming, because I write in English and Spanish. Even though Spanish is my first language it can be tedious, because there’s a lot of accents and commas. Proofreading in Spanish can take twice the time.

I started using Evernote because you can create different notebooks depending on the topics. It tells you how many posts you wrote per month, which I love, but when it comes to proofreading it only helped me in English and not all of the time it caught the mistakes. I loved it because it stores everything in a very organized way.

I changed to Grammarly and although it is really Good you have to open the program separately to proofread everything. It suggests words, which is a good thing, but then again, I can’t change it to Spanish.

Recently I moved to Microsoft Word. I can change the language and it will correct errors instantly. Plus, you have a bunch of features you won’t find in any other program.

Bottom line, I have found a little peace with proofreading. Now I use Microsoft Word and like I said it corrects everything on the spot, which saves me some time and makes writing a little bit more easy and peaceful.

Photo editing

I can honestly write a whole different post on photo editing, but for the mean time, I’ll KISS it (Keep it short and simple), down to only three.

Photo editing can be very overwhelming too, especially if you are a beginner and have no knowledge about the subject. It can take hours to edit and chose photos. To make the photo editing a little bit easier make sure to:

·      Have all the natural light possible.

·      Have reflectors, foam board to bounce the light.

·      Have a good camera and know how to use the ISO setting.

o   The brighter it is the lower the ISO. The darker it is the higher the ISO.

·      Edit the brightness of the photo in the camera before uploading it to your computer.

·      I use Mac photo editing and it works perfectly fine for me. I usually play with the brightness and highlights of the photo

This can be a little too much, but I promise it helps a lot to up your game with your photos. You can also use Pic Monkey. It is partially free, but you can still edit your photos there. Light room is a good option and they have a monthly subscription for only $10 dollars.

I’ll wrap it up here. These are the 3 most common things I struggle with when creating content. I have to say my number one is proofreading, but now that I move to M.W. I hope it doesn’t bother me that much. What are the things you struggle with the most, or what are your pet peeves when it comes to blogging?





Versión en español

El 90% de los temas más abarcados en los blogs es sobre como comenzar uno, como atraer tráfico o como crear un buen contenido. Lo que muchos no te dicen es lo que de verdad pasa tras bastidores. Porque por si no lo sabían, no solo es escribir y ya. Es un proceso de leer, editar y volver a escribir lo que ya estaba escrito, de otra manera y con mejor sentido.

En este escrito quiero compartirles tres cosas comunes que nos sacan el vivir, y de qué manera, al momento de crear contenido. No quiero que se vea como que me estoy quejando, aunque a veces lo haga, si no como un “reality check” de que ser “blogger” o escribir una entrada no es escribir y ya. Conlleva otras cosas y pasos además de escribir al papagayo.

Crear contenido

Lo más importante de ser bloguera/o, porque si no creas contenido entonces qué eres? Aja, pues como ya dije arriba y seguiré repitiendo hasta que sueñen con él, crear contenido no es sentarte a escribir y ya. Aunque, a veces si la musa está en todo su apogeo eso es lo que hacemos, escribir al papagayo, por qué si se va no hay Dios que la haga regresar. No está mal que te sientes a escribir lo que pienses o lo que tienes en mente. Lo que está mal o no deberías hacer es no volver a ello para revisarlo. Bueno, pero ya eso lo tocaremos más adelante.

Otra de las cosas con las que batallamos es con el “bloggers block” o con ese bloqueo mental que nos da la mitad del año, nos lleva todas las ideas y a veces hasta pensamos en no volver a escribir. Diría que esto es lo más que nos pasa y muchas veces no sabes cómo bregar con él.  A eso venimos, como lidiar con el “bloggers block” y como crear contenido de calidad y constante.

Para evitar el “bloggers block”:

·      Siempre lleva una libreta a la mano o tu teléfono, bueno eso ya sé que siempre está a la mano, y ten un área en donde puedas anotar cada idea que te pasa por la cabeza. Créeme, anotarlos te servirá de mucho cuando te sientes a escribir.

·      Has un bosquejo, escribe los subtemas que quieras incluir en el escrito y escribe una idea de cada cosa. Esto te ayudara a desarrollar mas rápido y fácil el escrito al momento de redactarlo.

·      Al momento que comiences a escribir, trata de no distraerte y escribe de corrido. Al momento que despegues los ojos de lo que estás haciendo la mente se ira en blanco y ya no sabrás que más escribir. Esto me pasa en cada entrada que escribo y es que no puedo evitar desconcentrarme. Una vez hayas dejado de escribir por la razón que sea, tomate un descanso y vuelve luego. Cuando vuelvas lee en voz alta lo que ya tienes escrito, corrige y arregla aquello que no haga sentido o añade lo que haga falta. En mi caso, tengo que coger descansos porque me voy en blanco muy a menudo, y si termino de escribir al momento, me da muchísima flojera volver a leer y corregir lo que ya escribí. Es normal, la mente ya está agotada y es mejor volver luego y seguir.


Si estás pasando por un “bloggers block”

·      Revisa tus entradas anteriores, corrígelas, añade información, cambia las fotos y vuelve a promocionarlo.  

·      Verifica cuales entradas pueden tener una segunda parte y escríbelas.

·      Si no sabes de que más escribir, escribe sobre ti. Actualiza tu página de “about”, escribe sobre ciertas cosas de ti que el lector no sabe, datos curiosos, acontecimientos, logros o cosas que te gusten. Siempre es bueno conocer al escritor y conectar más con él. Crearas lazos con tus lectores y crearás una comunidad.

·      Entra en “Pinterest”, montones de blogueros escriben sobre temas que puedes elegir cuando ya crees que has escrito sobre todo.




Bendito sea revisar, emoji virando los ojos. Que mucho me cuesta regresar a revisar, pero que importante es. Y es que, como ya dije, me da muchísima flojera regresar o releer algo que ya escribí. Pero, es sumamente importante que corrijas todos esos horrores que escribes cuando vas así al papagayo, como yo ahora mismo. Ah, olvidé decirles que escribo en inglés y español, por si no se han dado cuenta, así que, tengo que corregir en dos idiomas y con el español ya es suficiente imagínense otro más.


¿Cómo solucionarlo?

Bien fácil, usa “Microsoft Word”. Yo utilizaba “Evernote” y “Grammarly” pero ninguno tiene la facilidad de cambiar de idioma las veces que quieras. Además, Word detecta lo errores más rápido, en mi opinión.

Desde que cambie para “Word”, que no lo había hecho porque no lo tenía, he encontrado un poco de paz al momento de corregir y es que, lo hago al momento y no tengo que releer tantas veces.

Editar las Fotos

Sobre editar fotos les puedo escribir un post completo aparte, mientras tanto, les hablaré sobre lo más importante.

El problema más grande al momento de tomar fotos es la luz. Necesitas toda la luz posible para evitar que la foto quede oscura, se vea limpia y llame la atención.

·      Utiliza luz natural siempre que sea posible.

·      Utiliza reflectores blancos o cartulinas de foam para que la luz rebote.

·      Ten una buena cámara y asegúrate de saber usar el ISO.

o   Mientras más claro esté afuera más bajo el ISO. Mientras más oscuro más alto el ISO.

·      Ilumina la foto en la cámara antes de pasarla a la computadora.

·      Al momento de editar o aclarar la foto puedes utilizar “Pic Monkey” o “Lightroom”. “Pic Monkey” es parcialmente gratis. “Lightroom” tiene una mensualidad de $10 por mes. Yo, la mayoría de las veces, uso el “photo editor” de la Mac. Me resulta muy bien y es fácil de usar.


Lo voy a dejar hasta aquí. Estas son 3 cosas con las que batallo cada vez que voy a escribir contenido, aunque sin duda alguna la más que me da trabajo es regresar a corregir. ¿Qué se te hace difícil a ti al momento de escribir? ¿Qué es lo más que te molesta al momento de crear contenido?









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August 2, 2017

August Monthly Goals

I have been debating for the longest time with creating a schedule and sticking to it that I think I am going to set this as my only goal for August. I work a full-time job, have two dogs and a house to keep in place. Now, I know many people have kids, dogs, and a husband and still make it through. I’m just saying it is harder and it will take a lot of my part to make it work.

Now that you know my main goal is going to be scheduling I’ll list a few more I plan and hope to reach this month.


·      Schedule posts ahead. (Main Goal)

·      Post on social media every day.

·      Grow my Twitter following.

·      Engage more with bloggers on Twitter.

·      Keep the house clean (one of the hardest)

·      Save a budget for work clothes. (I need new uniforms, already bought shoes [checked])

·      Promote my blog every day.

·      Write posts ahead of time.

·      Stay organized.

·      Accomplish everything mentioned above. (LOL)

As you can see my goals for this month are related to my blog and that is because I am very lazy when it comes to writing, scheduling, taking pictures and editing. Once I start writing a post I get another idea for another one (just what happened with this one) and I stop writing and start a new post. Leaving the one before unfinished. When I take pictures, I don’t edit them until days after and that is something I want to work on. I want to start something and finish it before jumping into a new one.

I recently am working on a blog binder where I plan to keep all my blog ideas and stuff in hopes that it keeps me organized. I really want to take my blog to the next level, so this month I am going to work harder to keep everything in place and grow my following.

Okay, so with a new planner and binder in hand I hope I can accomplish all these goals and take my blog to the next level. I do enjoy writing and creating content it’s just the extras that throw’s me off, plus my ADD makes it even harder. Let me know what are your goals/ plans for this month or what are you working on currently.