September Goals

September Goals 2017

September Goals 2017

BY: Princess Miiaa

September Goals 2017




I am very excited to write this post. I was actually counting the days to share what I am about to. After struggling with creating a schedule and sticking to it, I made my only goal to post twice a week for this past 4 weeks. I wanted to be consistent and create new content every week. It went better than I expected, I managed to stay on track, however, after two and a half weeks of consistency my goals changed. I stopped posting twice a week and another goal pop into my head, which I also manage to accomplish. Now, might be kind of confused. How is it that my goal was to post twice a week, I did it for a while, stopped after two weeks, had other goals and I still feel happy an accomplished. Don’t worry, I’ll break It down for ya’.


My Goals for the past month, or goal because I changed it to one, was to be consistent on my blog and post twice a month. I created a schedule, I jot down the posts I wanted to post per week, I scheduled a day to take pictures and another day to write content and set everything up. Everything was great and I was very committed to my schedule, until I realized something was not right and my goals drastically changed.


From posting twice a week to posting one.

After experiencing posting twice a week I realized two things: First, I needed more time to create good content and two, I needed to get my blog in place before I continued on this journey. I decided to post once a week so I can have time to take and edit pictures and dedicate more time to write good and valuable content. I also want to update old content and photos, and we all need this takes quite some time.


Growing my Twitter account.

This month I decided to pay more attention to my Twitter account. Surprisingly I ended up loving it and at 90 followers I set a small goal and wanted to reach 100 followers by the end of August. I just wanted 10 more followers because I was expecting the follow and unfollow game from Instagram. I was wrong, very wrong. I decided to do a follow train and believe it or not, my account grew by 243+. This is amazeballs and I still can’t believe how fast it happened. I fell even more in love because on Twitter engagement is real and it’s also more conversational too. Oh, I forgot to mention that people follow you and they keep following you. (emoji of head smiling upside down.) Not like Instagram that everybody wants followers but nobody follows anyone. I think I don’t have to say anymore that I love Twitter and if you don’t have one or aren’t as dedicated, start now.


This Month’s Goals.

Without any more explanations, here are my goals for this month.

·      Post Once a week

·      Finish editing old content.

·      Grow my twitter up to 400 followers

·      Grow my Instagram up to 800 followers

·      Promote my blog 3 times a day minimum.

·      Post on Instagram more than once a day.

·      Stick to my schedule.

·      Drink water.

·      Drink less coke.

·      Save money. (Oh, boy I need it, lol)

·      Go to the gym at least twice a week.

·      Stop ordering take out.

·      Post a makeup look once a week.

I added more goals this month because I feel a lot of them go hand in hand. I want to keep growing my followers and engagement. I also want to dedicate more time to my blog, updating old content and pictures. I’ll be posting once a week and I’ll be promoting old content more often to drive more traffic and to show what’s in store for new readers.

I am very excited for this month, first because Fall is very close and two I am very motivated to up my blogging and promoting game. Did you guys accomplished last month’s goals an what are your goals for this month?




September Goals 2017