December 23, 2017


Who is Princess Miaa?

Well, Me. J.K. My name is Lailah and I am a 23-year-old makeup artist, bartender, book worm, sneaker obsessed, islander gal. I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. After I completed my college degree in Criminal Justice I moved to San Diego, California. Beauty and makeup has always been one of my biggest interests, unfortunately when I was in high school I did not thought I could make a career out of it so I opted for Criminal Justice in hopes of becoming a lawyer. Clearly that’s not the path I took. Now that I am done with college I do want to go back but for cosmetology school and social media marketing. Those are the two things that interest me the most right now.

In the meantime, I work as a bartender. I blog on my spare time, read books, listen to podcasts and create new content and pictures.  I am a perfectionist, that’s why I feel my blog is never ready or is always missing something. On the good part, it keeps me working on my brand and trying to make it better. 

About the blog

Princess Miiaa is a blog based on makeup beauty and lifestyle that teaches woman how to know and take care of their skin, how to slay any type of makeup at any time of the day and encourages them to feel and look beautiful in their own skin.

Princess Miiaa was born a few years ago when I knew I wanted to pursue the entrepreneur path. That’s the name I chose and how I would like to be recognized. I changed my personal account to princesssmiiaaa and ever since I rebranded I wanted this to be my brand and build a community around it.

 I want to teach woman that you can look beautiful with or without makeup, that wearing makeup, however, does not make you insecure or means that you are hiding something. I want to teach woman how to beat their face with affordable products, but most important to take care of their skin, also on a budget and without the use of too much products. 

My desire to teach woman how to feel comfortable in their own skin came from my own insecurities and critics from people asking why I wore too much makeup. I want the world to know that makeup does not define you, it does not mean your are insecure or hiding something. Makeup is art, it’s a way of expressing yourself and it’s a way of creating and connecting with other people who love to do the same. 


What you’ll find

  •  Skin care content that’ll help you know, understand and take care of your skin.
  • ·      Affordable makeup products for any kind of skin.
  • ·      Makeup tricks and tips for a smooth, prettier, long-lasting makeup application.
  • ·      Makeup looks
  • ·      Lifestyle posts including my journey as a makeup artist & blogger.

On Princess Miiaa I’ll share everything I know from the beauty industry and the blogging world. I want to be transparent and show people how I built this blog from the ground up, show how everything is possible and encourage women to be a better version of themselves. 


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