December 23, 2017

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Welcome beauty and makeup lovers, bloggers, and enthusiasts. Makeup artists, Makeup Pros, Makeup learners, and beginners. But most of all, welcome to anyone who likes and wants to play with makeup. Like Patrik Star says, “makeup is a one size fits all” and here on Princess Miiaa the blog you’ll find everything you need to rock a high-end looking makeup on a budget.

What is Princess Miiaa The Blog?

Princess Miiaa The Blog is a blog based on makeup, beauty, and lifestyle. It is a community of makeup lovers seeking to know the best of makeup. My goal is to teach every woman that makeup has no rules, boundaries or high price tags. That you can look flawless on a budget, wearing any type of makeup and most important, you don’t have to be a PRO.

What you’ll find on Princess Miiaa The Blog?

On Princess Miiaa The Blog you’ll find makeup, beauty and lifestyle posts focused on teaching you how to buy makeup and look flawless on a budget. You can find makeup posts on how to start your makeup collection, how to buy the correct makeup according to your skin type and necessities. You’ll also learn how to save money and time on makeup for those of you who are in a rush every morning or just want to sleep a little more, guilty over here.  You’ll learn how to know and take care of your skin. Find affordable skincare products and prepare your skin for a long-lasting makeup look.

Who is Princess Miiaa?

Well…me. JK. Hi, I’m THE Princess and the one behind this beautiful blog. My name is Lailah, also known all over social media as Princess Miiaa. I am 23 years old, from Puerto Rico and currently living in beautiful, sunny, sometimes cold, San Diego California. As you can probably guess, my main language is Spanish, that’s why this blog is written in both English and Spanish, or at least I try my best, lol.

I have been loving makeup since I was a little girl. I remember looking at my grandma every time she did her own and I used to beg her to buy me makeup whenever she bought hers. I have been loving makeup ever since and started playing with it at a young age. I self-taught most of it and later on took classes to perfect my skills. I have worked at fashion shows, given classes and pretty much did all of my friends’ makeup back in the day.

Princess Miiaa started almost two years ago when I felt eager to share everything I knew and wanted to write about what I loved the most. It has been a long journey, but I am very proud of where my blog is today. We have changed platforms two times, changed names, logos, social media, took baby steps and invested some kind of money in it. A lot of hard work, stress and sleepless nights goes into creating this beautiful space for you. Not to mention the incredible amounts of coca-cola that goes into my system to stay awake and make everything possible.

After a while, I started a Youtube channel where I share more in-depth makeup tutorials in Spanish and some in English. I also have a Facebook group, you are all welcome to join, In which we all share makeup finds, looks and tips.

I hope this blog helps you to find your voice in makeup, your style, but most of all make you feel confident. I hope you take every possible drop of information that suits you and will help you be a PRO at makeup even though you do it for yourself




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